Starting over in a Post-Journalism World, Part Eleven.

Journalists don’t get it.

They know how to pander to a specific group of middle class people in certain big cities who follow scripts so they so they don’t come off as nerds or lunatics, but that’s not enough anymore because you have a bigger sample size through social media.

But those in the profession have no natural feel for their surroundings. The zeitgeist and the ortgeist are foreign to them. They address their audiences de haut en bas, hoping no one will see their societal ignorance, which is a fatal flaw to the profession that pretends to know all about the surroundings.

The press has been trying to take down the US president, and keep preaching to the converted. They throw dirt, not understanding that the people they are trying to manipulate don’t look down on that dirt because that may not be actual dirt they are tossing, but soil to plant seeds of something new.

Bob Woodward took down Richard Nixon back in the day when journalism was a thing, but his new book is not having the same effect. He is doing what every other reporter is doing, and if it didn’t work for the last couple of years, Woodward doing it is not going to alter the outcome.

I found this interview to show how little even the big guns understand that what and who they are dealing with.

So you have staff meddling and hiding things from the resident because they are afraid he is going to do bold things differently and veer off the script. To the timid middle class who have meltdowns if the hairdresser cuts one millimetre more off their hair, they already were horrified of Trump because they have no script. He is unpredictable and they do not know how to read him. They want to memorize one script and then coast for eternity as they sound informed to their friends. They did not need Woodward to give them this memo.

To his base, they like the fact that he is turning over the rules they see as having been holding them back. They don’t see any of it as a bad thing, and, in fact, see those meddlers as impeding progress. They see rich athletes, actors, and Big Tech get rich as they pretend they hold progressive values and be part of a ersatz “resistance”, and they are nothing more than a cabal of deceptive and manipulative hypocrites.

They are not stupid.

But journalists have proven to be tone deaf as they keep misinterpreting and presenting a narrative that has multiple meanings.

But that’s what happens when you try to rig facts to suit your own self-serving purposes.

The alternative cannot play the same game. Society is made up of people in diverse circumstances and more than one will try to hijack and rig narratives to not just personally benefit, but also oppress others as they plunder from them.

And they will always use some form of virtue-signalling and propaganda to do it.

If you present the facts from multiple sources, the reality and truth emerge.

It is having respect for others and showing the hardest lesson of all: the script does not play in the real world. You have to take risks and not fall into unnatural habits. You have to be informed and being informed takes effort.

But all of that requires letting go of fear, and journalism imploded because it had too much cowardice corrupting it.

There is no freedom with bravery and doing the very things you need to do to turn yur fortunes around…