When a country loses control of their own narrative.

Canada's international cred is a hot mess.

They have been shut out of NAFTA talks. Still.

And no other country in the world is saying a thing.

Saudi Arabia has been fast and furious washing their hands of every single one of the Canadian holdings.

And no country is even questioning it.

And you have yokels in the Canadian press swaggering that Canada can slap back by not buying billions in Saudi oil, without wondering whether the Saudis might just cut us off at the pass and stop selling it to us because they can easily afford to do so.

195 countries on this spinning planet. 

No one is saying a boo about two countries who have a comparable population of thirty-plus million.

Even during the Civil War in the former Yugoslavia, the designated bad guys the Serbs had countries back them in public.

What has happened?

Canada lost control of their own narrative, and now there are serious ramifications to it. It would be one thing if it was just the two nations who had a spat, and then that was all there was to it, as both can make up the slack by increasing trade relations with another.

But Canada is having a spat with a much larger country, and the way things are going, there is nothing to say other countries won't hedge their bets and wash their hands of Canada. The silence has been deafening.

It is the beginning of a shift, and in this game of Go, Canada is being silently surrounded as its liberties are being picked off one by one...