The Measure of Reality.

Funny thing that we don't have a discipline that actually measures reality.

Do you know?

We have all sorts of spewers telling us what they think, but when you challenge their opinion with reality, they dismiss the reality and stick to their fantasy.


Or they think they actually perceive reality unfiltered as it os, never wondering if perceptions may not be aligned with reality.


What is reality?

How do you even measure reality?


How do you measure the distance between perception and reality?


How do you know that a previous trauma -- or triumph hasn't done a permanent change to completely alter your perceptions of reality?

What is staying in the same city four twenty years has shut off some important calibration to help you adjust?

What if your university education constricted those perceptions so badly that you cannot get over the misalignment?

How do you know? How can you tell?

And if your perceptions are misaligned, is there any way to correct or override those obstacles?

What if political affiliation distorted your perceptions and you are arguing with people about something that is not in fact reality?

The problem is we have no true discipline that keeps us in check. There is no balance; so you have stupid slap fights with perfect strangers online over something you both are not seeing properly?

Unnatural habits destroy that calibration.

And when you lose the centre of gravity, you lose focus and your perceptions get destroyed.

F.R.E.E.D. is all about measuring reality, comparing and contrasting it to both perceptions and interpretations.

How does medication alter perceptions? How does education? Or stress? Or isolation? Or indoctrination? Or trauma?

Or even triumph?

The answer is that we don't know because we have fallen too much in lust with our opinions. We will betray our closest friends and family for them.

But to reality, we have become strangers.

But just like truth, you cannot get past reality. You can deny it all you want, but it is there, ready to punch you senseless the second you think you can avoid it.

Because deep down, there are only three things people truly fear: truth, reality, and arriving at happily ever after.

We end stories there, after all.

Deep down, people do not actually believe they deserve a life at that point, and avoid the idea altogether.

If reality is such a monster, then the easiest thing to do is face it, study it, measure it, and get to know it.

And from reality, we can deal with truth, and take it from there...