The Tower of Babel becomes a Castle of Sorites: Ideological anarchy in an Age of Propaganda.


In an Age of Propaganda, people can babble, but no one else much bothers to listen.

We have become that Tower of Babel, thanks to social media.

Prattle and spewing, and no one wants to hear reason.

But with all those vibrations of chatter, that tower is starting to turn to grains.

A Castle of Sorites.

A castle where one grain vanishes at a time, until there comes of point where there is no castle left.

Social media flooded the market with sophistry, making debate an exercise in futility.

Which is what many propagandists bank on.

Why bother to listen to any side at all?

Hold those grudges, and believe whatever you want, and label it The Truth, and you can even be possessive about Your Truth.

And so does everyone else as they spew and babble.

Journalism was once the glue that held the Tower together, but then when the gates broke down, the tower became a Castle of Sorites, with one grain falling at a time.

Until there comes a point where ideas and opinions lose all meaning.

And the Castle collapses.


Many people are counting for that collapse; so they can come in and become the glue that forces the shattered pieces together, forcing the fractious pieces to be held in place the way journalism had for decades. They are banking on creating a mosaic, and it seems as if it comes down to two:

1. Capitalism, the system where people seek competition because they believe they can reach the top and be rich, powerful, and famous.

2. Socialism, the system of capitalist failures seek nannying and financial support because they know they will never be rich, powerful, or famous via competition.

Both systems have identical rigs, but different content.

Both salivate at the Castle's collapse.

Neither will be in control because neither is prepared for a system where there is no castle or tower because like journalism, neither has a clue of what has been unleashed, and both rely on present rigs, forces, and scripts.

They are both rote systems of governance.

Socialism never took human nature into its equations, and it is the reason it always implodes.

Capitalism does take the dark side of human nature into its equations, and its rewarding of hoarding and bullying behaviours keep it thriving, yet there comes a time when even greedy hoarders are blindsided and become their own worst enemies.

For the Left, they actually believe socialism will see the light of day, when it will be their undoing. For any socialist system to work, it needs a strong host to feed from because it needs more resources to function than a capitalist system.

You can steal the money of every billionaire in the United States -- to their last penny -- but the money will vanish within days.

And then the well runs dry, and those billionaires will no longer have the climate to produce.

The former Yugoslavia tried the gambit, and relied on playing the US against the Soviets until the hosts no longer wished to play the game.

The USSR could not keep its version of communism going because it required an antagonistic game with the US, but when the US changed their strategy, the shell game could no longer play out, and it collapsed.

The Left and the Right are burning themselves out. Their incessant name-calling, nagging, shaming, and manipulation do not alter the landscape; and so, sooner or later, when control freaks and meddlers see that nothing has changed no matter how many propagandistic and mean-spirited meme posters they blast on Facebook, they will lose interest.

Everyone is expecting some sort of civil war in the US.

But it will not happen. Social media is beginning to crumble.

Facebook and Twitter are losing steam and users.

How bad has it become? That Big Tech all have to gang up together to ban Alex Jones who can provoke the Left just as easily as the Right.

Multi-billionaire robber barons whose own employees cannot afford housing as they are being worked to death -- and who violate privacy of users with reckless abandon as the track their every movement and monitor their every action -- pretend to have the moral high ground against a single man.

The game becomes increasingly absurd as apologist flocks on both sides of the impossible equation become so removed from reality that they cannot see how worthless their battle cries have become.

Journalism is dead, as much as the old relics of a bygone world cannot admit because they are trained not to see reality, but social media is not that much far behind.

The Tower of Babel is a Castle of Sorites and the grains have no mortar to keep it together.

The problem is that everyone banking on its collapse will be buried in it.

They peaked too soon.


Both capitalism and socialism are a form of a pyramid scheme that hinges on greed; the difference whether you are dealing with the greed of people who see themselves as winners, or greed of those who see themselves as losers.

Winners want to grab everything to maximize their victory. They want maximum rewards. Losers want a consolation prize and assurance that they are not defective or inferior.

Social media has allowed both the Left and the Right unfettered access to the entire planet. The problem is there are only so many resources to go around, but people behave as if there is an infinite amount of money and manpower to go around. Everyone wants to gamble to victory, yet no one wishes to take a single risk.

We can look at the recent provincial election in Ontario, and the extent that Leftist voters took a gamble to their own devastation. The poor of Hamilton and the middle class of Toronto -- both who rely on government largesse to keep them going had a choice: do they stick with the Liberal regime that increased the minimum wage in the province, paid for prescription drugs to those under 25, allowed the poor to go to university without paying tuition, paid a basic income to 1000 poor Hamiltonians for a study, gave in to the demands of the public sector, and had many MPPs, cabinet ministers and even a premier in Toronto, looking after their constituents -- or do they go to the NDP who promised free dental care and other goodies?

The province had too much debt for the NDP's promises to ever see the light of day. Free dental alone would bankrupt a province.

The Grits made good on their promises and had done more than what they should have done.

But the NDP came out with bigger promises and more freebies that no one had to earn. They just got stuff without having to worry how the government was going to pay for it.

The middle class in the province tend to work in the public sector as their wages and benefits are far better than what the private sector gives out -- the same public sector that threw angry tantrums because they had to raise the minimum wage.

For fourteen years, the Liberals keep veering more to the Left in a bid to keep their demographic happy.

Rarely are government parties loyal to their voting blocs, but the Grits in Ontario were as loyal as a government could be.

And come election day, their voters showed their loyalty by voting for the NDP. The goodies the Liberals promises just weren't as good as what the NDP promised and they pushed their luck by taking a gamble.

And the Conservatives cruised to victory with a splendid majority.

And within the first month, middle class Toronto, who no longer had the a premier or cabinet minister in their pocket found out what happens when you lose your protection. 

They were forced to face the reality of having their already divided city hall be cut to a manageable size. They are making threats to sue, but as court cases drag out for years and are very costly, it will not do much good.

And the poor in Hamilton had the income study ended immediately, and they, too, are throwing tantrums to sue, but as they have even fewer resources -- and that there were no promises as a study can be ended at any time -- and chances of success.

Reality sets in and very quickly. For both groups, they honestly believed they were owed something, and banked on the mercy of their government, never taking into consideration how vulnerable to reality they actually were.

And as Canada is beginning to be the victims of economic sanctions from both the US and now Saudi Arabia, there is serious trouble brewing.

It is the reason socialist regimes ultimately fail: it gives a false sense of a people's true worth. They never push themselves to give themselves true value innovating, creating, and experimenting, and believe they are owed things without earning them. They never learn to actively and critically assess a situation, and when that arrogance blinds people who think they are owed things but there are no resources to provide it, they throw tantrums toward those who support them, and then the pipeline is shut off.

Capitalism's competitiveness also blinds in a different way. Whoever reaches the top wants to stay there forever, and so, creates rigs that favour them -- and then their children. Sooner or later, those sheltered children are no more savvy than those who grew up in socialism, and then take the rigs for granted.

But when something such as an industrial or technological revolution takes over, the rigs change, and titans plummet, never knowing that what they saw as reality was never Truth.

Reality changes. Truth does not.

The rigs and forces are transmuting, and are now beyond the control of those who created them. Journalism was a social mortar that lost its ability of cohesiveness. It was never get it back.

Social media took its place, but never thought to learn the lessons of journalism, and it is the reason that mortar is corrupt, and starting to lose its cohesiveness as well.

Both socialism and capitalism are systems created in the past, meaning neither will be able to keep the Castle of Sorites together.

The first person to see its significance is the one who has the advantage of creating more than just the mortar: but the bricks and can rebuild a castle and the garden.

The first group to see its possibilities will be able to set the new rules of engagement and make the most of the new structure.

The first nation to see its advantages is the one that will set the global tone to stabilize and from its mandates and core beliefs, will set the stage and the gold standard for generations to come.

There is no going back to journalism. There is no going back to old clunky and outmoded ideologies.

And while the game of Go is being played as it is taking down all of the chess players, it will not be the game that ultimately triumphs because Go is a game of stones surrounding a target.

But once those stones find their place, the game stops because there are no more stones to move.

Beliefs are becoming irrelevant, an in an Age of Propaganda, without beliefs, propaganda becomes neutralized. Flocks become a liability. Messiahs lose their strength.

And we are on the eve of that reality.