F.R.E.E.D. sees the absurdity with bravery.

If you are putting meme posters on your Facebook page, and think people take it seriously, think again.


It's just madness without a method.

I often ask where has all the funny gone?

Because we have a youth without a sense of humour because their parents wouldn't schedule in a laugh.

We must be So Very Serious because you cannot believe lies without it.

If you cannot laugh at yourself, you cannot see the Truth.

God is a Comedian, after all.

And Goddess is a Comedienne, or, as the Serbs say, Komičarka.


But humour is not a weapon to create a false pecking order. To find truth, you need a sense of humour because much of normal human behaviour is insane.

Sanctioned insanity are the stupid nonsensical things people do and think there is purpose to it, such as customs, traditions, and rituals.

We are a species who indulges in silly things, yet want people to take it seriously.


F.R.E.E.D. is about developing a sense of reality and truth by understanding the importance of our various senses: how they function, and how they do not align with reality.

We have our five basic sense, but we also have another overlooked sense: humour.

It is a way to guide us from despair to action.


One of the most misnamed concepts we have is the term political correctness.

It is neither political nor correct: it is a form of spirit control and oppression used to prevent people from sensing the world with humour.


Humour is uninhibited and feral outbursts of confused energy. We do not always laugh at things that are funny. We often laugh when we are angry, sad, shocked, and confused. There are different levels of laughter, and to dictate when we should laugh is an interesting form of oppression.


The science of silliosity is one where we explore why we laugh or find something humorous. When we laugh, we begin to heal and understand.

People who cannot find humour have darkness in their souls and cannot see. It is a form of blindness, and if you cannot sense the funny, you are not seeing the whole picture.

You are without one of your primary senses.

It is not the only intangible sense we have: there is common sense, and intuition. There is the instinct to sense danger. There is the sense to feel love, and a moral sense to know what is right and wrong.

F.R.E.E.D. is about honing in both the tangible senses, and the intangible ones. It is about emotional literacy to go along with the rational facts.

It is a Rosetta Stone of senses, and translating what they actually mean in a practical and pragmatic way.


If you want to know Truth, you have to develop a sense of humour that is not an actual weapon to dismiss other people's observations and beliefs.

Because as a species, we are absurd, but most do not have the bravery to embrace it and understand what it means. 

We deliberate put blinders on. We willfully blindfold and shackle ourselves to unfounded beliefs other people tell us are divine decree. Religious, atheist, Left, Right, no group in the history of mankind ever has a clue.

You would think that in 2018 in an Internet Age, we'd see that the Great Dead Men were wrong, and that we need to loosen up or something.

To understand that we need to acknowledge our inherent silliosity.


There is no understanding without the sense of humour, but as a sense, not a weapon...