Big Tech forced to gang up together to face Alex Jones, giving him lots of free publicity and a rallying cry.

Big Tech shut out Alex Jones, which is quite funny.

Banning a conspiracy theorist who has a loyal fanbase pretty much confirms his conspiracy theories. It makes it seem as if he has it right, and now the Establishment want to shut him down.

He could not get better free press even if he tried.

They have lionized him to his followers. They made it seem as if they have something to hide, and considering what a horrible year Big Tech has had with their own privacy scandals, Jones looks like a hero to his followers.

Here is Apple -- the world's first trillion dollar company having to get back up from the likes of other Titans to shut down one man.

The absurdity of this move is truly shocking. They have elevated one man to be feared by a cabal of tech overlords.

Jones can now write his own ticket, and has opened a market for competition to the old Tech Tech giants. There is nothing stopping other social media sites that cater to the Right from using this censorship as a rallying cry.

Big Tech blinked. Jones becomes relevant all over again as he is empowered. It will be interesting to see how this little war plays out, but so far, Jones is winning, even if it seems as though he lost...