Vortex Hunting in an Age of Propaganda

When everything becomes propaganda, it is very easy to get sucked into a narrative.


You think you are avoiding the trap on the Right by staying on the Left, or avoiding the trap on the Left by staying on the Right.

Except both sides have the same traps that are rigged to explode on cue.


Because they both have the same structure, but use their contents as a misdirection.

The bottom line is to rig the board to control thought and behaviour.

You are supposed to ignore the structure and strictly focus on the content.

Yet both are predatory games with the same rigs in the same places, meaning left or right, you are supposed to fall into place when the General snaps his fingers.

False choices and a false rush so that you follow the script and have no time to think, let alone question anything.

But sit back you must as you follow no one else's decrees but your own.


The game to drag you into someone else's war where you are the little pawn and soldier is a simple one, and once it was journalism that played the game before social media co-opted it from them.

You read a mark. You probe them and see what you can get out of them. If they are valuable, what are their wants, needs, desires, weaknesses, insecurities, and character flaws?

There are a list of reliable ones:

1. Selfishness.

2. Greed.

3. Arrogance/controlling.

4. Ignorance/gullibility.

5. Insecurity.

6. Jealousy.

7. Mental laziness.

8. Fear.

9. Obedience.

10. Vindictiveness.

Those are the Big 10 list of exploitable qualities. Your pigeon has at least one of these flaws, they will be your emotional slaves for life.

Getting them into a vortex requires you to know their weaknesses. It also requires you to know what they desire -- what narrative about themselves do they wish was their reality? It will be a vindication of something that is driven by one of the Big 10.

They are jealous? They want to be the best in everything.

They are controlling? They need to be at the top of every pecking order.

They are mentally lazy? They desire a script that will get them to look good in front of everybody.

Once you have figured out the exploitable weakness and the fantasy that promises them that their weakness is a strength, you are in business.

The next step is to create a Vortex that once they step foot inside of it, they can never get out.

They will spin on that hamster wheel, thinking their moving means they are getting somewhere, but keeps them right where you want them.

This requires mentally isolating the pigeon from their primary anchor group, such as their family.

You create distance to isolate them and see their anchor or core, for instance, as being morally and intellectually inferior; so that they do not trust them enough. Get them to commit to this idea in public.

That is enough to get them to step foot in the Vortex.

But you need them to get the other foot in.

This is simple: build up their ego, but in such a way that you simultaneously plant a seed of self-doubt, usually moral self-doubt. They can never admit they were wrong to the people they look down on and have slowly become estranged from because they will lose face, and that group will want to seek some sort of revenge by implying that the person was, in fact, on the lower rung of the pecking order all along.

So imply that the pigeon is special and different, but also create enough cognitive dissonance so the person will feel tinges of being a hypocrite who must always look to an authority and group to validate their beliefs.

If they denounce their family's ideological views, you can always throw their "disloyalty" to their family in their faces.

This is how you get the pigeon to fly right into the eye of the Vortex.

But to keep things going, it requires to get them to believe thoughts unnatural to them while simultaneously creating unnatural habits in them. This is the in-group's sanctioned insanity: rituals and dogma that seems normal only because it is done in isolation repeatedly.

While they stop getting exposed to true ideological diversity, they begin to believe an impossible narrative how they must convert everyone to their way of thinking, and get rid of people who do not believe in their beliefs.

It is a Patriarchal Structure of The One. There is only One answer, One solution, One right way.

It is all about finding The One.


Of course, this is a lie.

This is a stupid lie.

This is an undesirable lie that begins to pit one faction of an in-group with another, who are no longer just competing with the out-groups whose life requirements are different, but also competing who is the bigger believer, by going more and more extreme.

Fanaticism sets in, and the more extreme, the deeper in the Vortex the person is spinning, the anger is the result of failure to make an unworkable fantasy a reality, driving those people to the edge.


This is how people self-destruct. They do not want to admit they were wrong, or gullible pigeons who had weaknesses to exploit.

They want their paper crowns and parades in their honour, when they, in fact, earned a swift kick in the pants.

But for those in the Radical Centre, they do not play those games of fanning the flames of anger, fear, or hatred.


What they do is use F.R.E.E.D.

Because it is the system of Vortex Hunting by Fact Gathering.


You are to make the maps of structures. We have hit a glass ceiling and a wall when it comes to content. 

We have too much content, and no understanding of the structure of thought.

And that's why so many propagandists and grifters target us and we never know what hit us.


You find a Vortex by studying it, and ride its wavelength to see how the Vortex Creator is suckering in pigeons.


What are the basic lies those inside the Vortex believe? What are their rituals to keep them in place and to create artificial bonds and shallow elements to have in common?

How do they isolate and divide themselves from those who think different things? What is the structure to shame and create artificial pecking orders? Is it on a spiritual scale? An moral one? An intellectual one?

What narratives do they use? How do they reward and punish? How do they explain inconsistencies? How do they deify themselves and demonize others?

But you cannot look on the outside.

F.R.E.E.D. requires that you walk right into that Vortex.

You can look up at the core.

You can walk through the core.

But you can never allow yourself to go into it.

It is tempting to let go and lose control to jump right into it.

Yet the core is a misdirection, to punish the gullible and conniving who think the core is a friend or a reward.

It is neither.

You go in to study the structure and see how the content manipulates people into justifying the structure that makes up the core.

Then you pull yourself away and walk over to the enemy of the core.

And repeat the same process, contrasting and comparing the cores in terms of both structure and content.

And then you pull away again.

The content will be complete opposites.

But the structures will be the same.

The rigs will be in the same places. So will the traps and the forces.

F.R.E.E.D. goes one step more by creating a library of knowledge in order to hunt every Vortex, from the small scale of one person manipulating another one to the one the spans the world.


If you want to truly know why the world has wars and clashes, do not think it is because not every person thinks the same glorious things that you do.

It is because archaic and primitive structures are being used over and over again without challenge.

If you want to hunt a Vortex, start with the one you are tumbling in right this second.

Make a list of everyone who you hold a grudge against because they disagreed with you, made fun of you, nagged you, said you were doing something wrong, or did not applaud you.

Work on this list for at least one week. Use a pencil and paper and write them down in order of people you resent from your earliest memory to your most recent.

Do it like this:

1. Name.

2. Action.

3. Your fantasy regarding what you want to have happen to them.

4. How often you think about the slight.

5. How many people you have told of your anger in public.

6. Has had something bad happened to them that made you happy.

That's it. Six points on a list. Do it on paper in pencil. Do rewrites.

Then start typing it out on your electronic device.

When you are happy with it, do not look at it for a month.

You may wish to shred the hard copies.

After one month, go back to the list. Study it carefully.

Start detecting patterns:

1. How many first-degree relatives are on this list?

2. How many former friends?

3. How many lovers or spouses?

4. How many bosses and teachers?

5. What is the common theme?

6. How petty are your fantasies for revenge?

7. Are some of these people socially awkward?

8. Have you taken these people for granted, or expected them to do everything for you or constantly praise you?

9. Are you in contact with any of these people?

10. Do you miss some of these people?

11. Did they do things for you in the past?

12. Do you think any of them miss you?

13. Why did their words or actions really hurt?

14. If a stranger came across this list, what would be their first impression of you?

15. If someone you loved and respected came across this list, what would they think of you?

16. If your younger self saw this list, what would they tell you?

17. If your older self saw this list, what would they tell you?

18. This is the list that you have carried in your heart until this moment. How heavy is it?

19. Don't you think you could unburden your heart by letting go of as many grudges as you can?

20. What would you do if the person you loved and respected the most had the same list with your name at the top?

That's how you free yourself from one Vortex.

And if you can free yourself from that one, the other ones become child's play.

Propaganda works only because people are spinning in a Vortex.

Hunt the Vortex and expose it, and you give people the gift of being able to liberate themselves from it.

It would be wonderful if every Vortex was banished, and then we could use the next generation of F.R.E.E.D. gathering facts to build something else, and not tear something down.

But tear down even one Vortex, and the building of something positive can begin.

Something that doesn't require a Vortex to keep people inside, killing their heart and soul for no good reason...