The Davos Consensus versus The Chaos Narrative: Canada gets thrashed -- again.

The Toronto Star is a rube-haven tattling on a leak that is no bombshell. The US President telling some members of the press -- who he has called "fake news" and insulted them -- a so-called "secret" -- and, of course, the press, being spiteful and petty impotent trolls leak the news. Fake outrage ensues, but as someone who worked as a journalist covering business stories, I can tell you that is an old ruse, and one I never fell for because my job wasn't to be a proxy, minion, dupe, or a pawn. Tell a reporter to keep a secret -- especially one you have just insulted -- and they will do your bidding by leaking information to make a point.

In other words, the Star dutifully fell into line and marched per Trump's orders.

It's called reverse psychology, kids, and a very good gambit when dealing with a sheltered Canadian press.

In this case, that Canada, who depends on the US for 85% percent of their exports while the US exports a measly 15%, is going to take their medicine one way or another.

This is a brutal turn for Canada, who have been hedging their bets with the Davos Consensus, which is starting to faltering up against the Chaos Narrative. 

The floater came when the Saudis smacked Canada around and the remaining 193 countries of the world ignored it. That was the warning shot.

The game of Go is rapidly removing Canada's liberties, and with no allies, we have no stones of our own to surround an enemy.

The "leak" had a specific mandate: to scare and anger the gullible Canadians who will now be operating under panic mode. Any perceived extension of minor concession will be seen as a victory. Anything better than the worst-case scenario brings relief.

My mother was a steward for the Teamsters, and I grew up in negotiations. That this trade deal wasn't resolved ages ago is truly stunning. This is incompetence is unprecedented in a country that has, for decades, managed to eke a comfortable existence flying under the radar, but then came Amateur Hour against a businessman whose entire business is deal-making truly turned this country into a vulnerable punchline.

Canada is a country in desperate need of its own ideas and strategies. Nose-tweaking, and snippy, arrogant excuses and remarks is not a strategy, nor is hoping the calvary will come in to rescue you.

Those of the Davos Consensus haven't come in. We're too small to matter. We are up against the Chaos Narrative all by ourselves without a script to follow so we can fake knowledge and street cred, a map, compass, or anything else to navigate in a world where someone else's stones have cornered us.

Whatever happens, Canada has been weakened, and shown to be weak. Faking it by spewing whatever US Democrats are spewing won't work.

The next couple of months will began to show more of our weaknesses. Even if it were a ultra-conservative President Pence and we have legal pot, our problems that we have been ignoring for decades are coming to collect their due.

It is a very interesting dilemma, and one where the answers don't come with a hashtag, tweet, or meme poster...