Foreign election interference? The US played that gambit in 2008.

There is an interesting article in Foreign Policy that I find absolutely fascinating as a case of brazen and oblivious hypocrisy. The article America's Other Army recounts a clear example of US meddling in a foreign country's federal election, but the article presents it as something clever and a narrative of the meddlers being some sort of ingenious strategists and heroes. 

 U.S. Ambassador Cameron Munter pretty much brags as he recounts how he essentially manipulated the optics because he was upset over a demonstration targeting the US Embassy in Belgrade (one that the US knew was coming ahead of time):

Munter...wanted those responsible for the attack to be punished. Once evidence surfaced that Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica had personally approved the assault, Munter decided that he was "going to ensure the prime minister was gone" and that "the best revenge was making sure this guy lost the next election," which was less than five months away.

The best revenge? Of course, screw the people; it's your own personal pride that counts. But the conniving feints and ruses didn't end there:

Munter determined that the key to weakening Kostunica’s 2008 reelection chances was taking away the support of the Socialist Party of Serbia...Its new leader was Ivica Dacic, who had once challenged Milosevic for the top post. "We got him to flip over and join the pro-Europeans," Munter said. "We didn’t pay him off; we just persuaded him. What he really wanted was international legitimacy. So we got [José Luis Rodríguez] Zapatero, the Spanish prime minister at the time, and George Papandreou, the future Greek prime minister, who ran Socialist International at the time, to invite Dacic to visit them abroad, where they wined and dined him. They told him they would let him in [to the Socialist International] if he joined the pro-European forces, and he did. He put a knife in Kostunica’s back."

So you manipulated people in a country that is not yours by using other world leaders as pawns and pitchmen. This is not a minor outrage. Think about that the next time your country has an election and gets endorsements from other world leaders who are merely serving as proxies.

And, of course, here comes the Yay, connivers! end to the anecdote:

Munter got his revenge: Kostunica’s party lost the election. Dacic’s party didn’t join Socialist International, the global organization of left-of-center political parties, but he became deputy prime minister and rose to prime minister four years later.

Bravo, bravo, propagandists and manipulators...

Who are now throwing epic temper tantrums that another country may be doing to them what they do to other countries.

In other words, I will rape your daughter, but don't look at mine.

It's vile, of course, and purely Machiavellian and evil, but not surprising...