Quoting experts from the Stone Age: why the Ontario press keeps digging journalism deeper in its own grave.

I never cared for canned events. I never understood press conferences, for instance. Election campaign photo ops were always absolutely useless. They come off as class field trip candid shots from high school yearbooks.

So many journalistic staples are not just obsolete, but weren't actually ever needed. There are disingenuous at best, fake news at worst.

And considering how reporters' tactics haven't changed while PR firms have upped their game over the decades, they should have been boycotted about thirty years ago.

Press conferences that do not take questions really are akin to issuing a press release. It is about the visual and reporters bragging about "credentials."

So you have the Ontario government realize it is all pretence, anyway, and decided to bypass an archaic system the way it suits them.

This is what happens when your press is so weak, that it is simpler to just cut out the middle man.

It's not news! whines the CBC.

Yeah, but neither are press conferences and all those factually devoid campaign tours you covered over the decades.

The switch does not "undermine democracy." It merely reflects a world where people would like to exercise their democratic right to unfiltered free speech. Why go through the motions mindlessly?

If journalism learned to find alternatives to canned events, newsmakers wouldn't realize they could ignore the press entirely. The silly CBC piece quotes "experts" who will obviously side with them.

Yeah, that's not a rig.

Those experts obviously live in the Stone Age. We have the means and the technology to communicate directly and say the things we want in the way we want it. 

Journalism was the conduit where we had people tell us the things we had no way of accessing for ourselves. We wouldn't know what the US President was going to do or where his stand was unless we watched the news.

These days, a single tweet does the same job. Moreover, people can follow whatever newsmakers they wish on the troll scroll, and they have their own tailer-made newsfeed.

The Toronto Police have their own channel. For the last few years, you can watch Toronto city council meetings on their YouTube channel.

Once upon a time, you relied on local cable stations for it. Now, it's there for anyone.

More politicians are realizing they do not need a press to pass notes to constituents, and citizens realize they don't need someone else to tell them how to interpret information for them.

This has been the perpetual vortex journalism has been spinning in: people do not want interpretation. They want something else. The only the profession kept trying to hold on to something that has left their grasp, the easier it has been for people to not just get their information elsewhere, but for people disseminating the news to take over the things the press used to do.

Journalism waited too long. They are still waiting for some blessed miracle.

Times have change, and the miracle came: liberating the lines of communication. We have multiple news sites run by anarchists. Once upon a time, that was unthinkable and an absurdist notion.

In 2018, you have your pick. This has been the greatest democratization of communications of the history of humanity. Circa the mid-1990s.

And journalism is still doing things the Stone Age way in a Modern Age...