The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is no longer a big city daily

They are now skipping Tuesdays and Saturdays.

As The Incline noted:

Pittsburgh is now the largest city in America without a daily newspaper.

After many iterations, Pittsburgh’s last remaining daily, the 232-year-old Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, cut its print production schedule from seven days a week to five, eliminating physical copies of the Tuesday and Saturday editions, starting this weekend.

The news organization said it is looking to reposition itself as a more digitally focused outlet, amid widespread economic contractions facing newspapers.

They are done. They had over twenty of that 232 years to get with the digital game. That's a mere face-saving statement. Once you start lowering the frequency, that's pretty much it. People who still stuck around get out of the habit even more, and then that's that.

Over two centuries of doing journalism, and it wasn't enough. The model is outmoded. Journalism needed to completely reinvent itself in the mid-1990s, but thought making changes was something shameful, and arrogantly stuck to the old scripts.

And this is precisely what happens when you do just that...