Memo to Washington Post: Lying about who is responsible for the death of newspapers is unbecoming of you.

The Washington Post has chosen to blame Trump's newsprint tariffs for that industry's demise.

Yeah, right.

There is a whopper of epic proportions.

Print has been dead all by itself for a long, long time. If advertisers knew what a lousy return they were getting, they would all drop print, unless it is some sort of tax write-off.

Print was in decline for decades. 98% of teenagers don't read print. That has nothing to do with tariffs.

It has to do with a product they have no use for because it has no useful relevance to their lives.

Journalists want to blame Donald Trump for every one of their woes. I covered the newspaper industry as a journalist -- long before Trump was a political thing, and I saw all the sign of collapse in the late 1990s. 

The tariffs are meaningless. Besides, it is 2018, and if their online product has anemic circulation, then that has nothing to do with tariffs.

Stop pitying yourselves -- you are the villains of your own needless demise...