Follow the PR: When journalists all walk lockstep, there is a silent general giving the marching orders.

The Intercept has an interesting piece about how CNN's "blockbuster" story turned out to be a dud.

But in all the talk about the series of similar strategic misinformation articles and all of the vitriol, no one is asking a more basic question:

What PR firms and experts are coordinating the coverage, and who is footing the bill?

It was the same game during the civil war in the former Yugoslavia: when all reporters spew alike, they are all relying on the same super-source, and always a PR firm. Someone pays for the coordinated guerilla attacks.

When a person, company, group, or even nation are getting besieged, there is almost always someone funding the bad coverage.

If someone wants to place the lens on where it ought to be -- that's where you begin to look...