Is The Atlantic America's most delusional publication?

The Atlantic is one of those publications that has zero connect with reality.

It can babble nonsense and propaganda forever, but it is not the quantity of words, sophistry, spin, or opinion that counts.

The Atlantic spews a worldview that is flawed, but it cannot ever admit a mistake; so it tries to slop on enough excuses to keep some sheltered notion of reality going. It is fantasy porn for the Left, nothing more.

And it is the kind of thinking that prevent true innovation and progress.

They remind me of a spouse who is in a loveless marriage, but to get a divorce would mean change, and that is construed and being wrong. So prop up the marriage by enduring fights, affairs, and then the marriage counsellors and the self-help books and the religion, and then plastic surgery, empowerment phrases all around the house and the too-smiley Facebook pictures.

Until the other spouse either ups and leaves or goes into a homicidal rage and offs the entire family.

The Humanities are in a crisis because they keep teaching the same archaic things, and expecting a different outcome.

We can look at the fortunes of structure-creators -- the STEM guys, and the content-providers -- the Humanities guys on the Internet to see how good is a Humanities education.

The content-providers are paupers compare to the multi-billionaire structure creators. This divide has been there even for radio and television, but over time, STEM got with the program and thrived in changes, while Humanities stubbornly held on to fantasies that do not align with reality.

You would think people in Humanities would get a clue, and radically overhaul how they teach their subjects.

Not a chance. That would be tantamount to admitting flaw, and apparently, those knuckle-draggers are vying for God's job.

There is nothing wrong with being a Persian carpet.


Flaws inspire new wisdom, lessons, innovations, creations, and the like.

STEM always looks to improve and do one better with their next cycle.

But not the arrogant Humanities.

But The Atlantic cannot admit the reality, and thus, keep an entire discipline back with their sophistry. They cannot even admit the Humanities are in crisis.

Sorry, guys, enabling the flaws on the Left is not going to help anyone.

The cowardice stems from part arrogance, part laziness, but mostly falling for the old lie that to succeed and thrive, you always have to be right.

The Humanities needed to take a page from STEM decades ago, but they always looked down at STEM as somehow being inferior and soulless, when it is hardly the case.

People finding cures for cancer isn't a soulless act. People figuring out how to fix sick hearts or manage schizophrenia aren't heartless, either.

Science is the art of understanding the world in order to improve it. Many times, it's wrong and veers into unethical territory, yes, absolutely.

But you also have people who cure. Humanities could also cure people and help them thrive, and it has stagnated.

Journalism education, for instance, helped destroy the profession, with a generation that has two percent reading a newspaper at all.

That is Humanities' greatest failure -- and shame.

But do not expect The Atlantic to ever have the morals or courage to admit it...