Why bad journalistic narratives hide the things we need to confront.

The focus of journalistic narrative is to find a good guy and a bad guy. The problem with that set-up is that you tend to sweep contradictory evidence under the rug, and that creates resentments, vendettas, and people forever seeking revenge.

But for those who get away with the halo, it emboldens them and makes them believe the bad things they are doing are justified, and that they are so cunning, they can fool anyone because they fooled reporters.

The civil war in the former Yugoslavia was covered badly in the Western press blithely chose sides when they should have been realistic in their approach. Foreign mercenaries parachuted themselves in and many of those unsanctioned fighters fought against Serbs and did unspeakable things, all while filming their atrocities.

And I watched those horrifying graphic films of Serbian soldiers getting their eyes gouged out and being roasted on a spit.

Funny how those atrocities were never aired in the West or even mentioned by them.

Some of those outsiders got training and weapons from NATO, and they promptly took that training and became part of those terrorist organizations in the Middle East that turned on their benefactors.

And it is happening again in Kosovo where there are terrorist training camps where children are learning to be murderers.

Had the Western media had the stones to expose what was truly happening without making decrees of god and evil, this wouldn't be happening. We wouldn't have a replay of this sort of murder schools because these places can fly under the radar, and when a narrative is set, people dismiss the one or two reports that contradict the established decrees.

It is a heartbreaking turn of events that we enable hatred and destruction and ruin lives before they begin...