Sanctioned Insanity: Why you think the loopy things you do.

I absolutely love, love, love this article from The Guardian:

Overwhelming majority of Australians believe federal politicians are corrupt

New survey shows 85% believe most or all MPs corrupt, and two-thirds support the creation of a federal anti-corruption body

This is typical Middle Class lunacy.

So, most of you know your government is corrupt, and not only do you still keep voting for them, and becoming estranged from family, friends, and strangers because they support a corrupt person that isn't the corrupt person you are supporting, you want some They to create a federal anti-corruption body.

Who is going to set this up for you, kids? The federal government you know is corrupt?

Somehow, that plan is doomed to fail, and no Political Fairy Godmother is going to have the magic to make that stupid plan work.


But that is Sanctioned Insanity.

In psychology, there is a term call folie à deux: the insanity of two. Have one sane person captive and isolated with one insane person, and the sane person begins to share the same delusional thinking.

But there is also folie en masse: the insanity of the collective.

People follow things from others, and then form an unnatural habit. 

They do not think; they just mindlessly mimic others as the memorize the scripts and rituals that are not only useless, but irrelevant to the actual problem, and thus, provide no solution.

We do this at every waking moment. We dress up for Halloween. We carry good luck charms. We post nonsense on social media feeds.

It is all forms of sanctioned insanity. It begins as an Appeal to Authority that mutates into an Appeal by Mob.

You look to others to validate the insane action. Some insane actions are not sanctioned by Authority or Collective, and when you indulge in them, you are ostracized.

But if the Authority or Collective decree it the norm, you are ostracized for pointing out its uselessness.

Doing the same thing, but expecting a different outcome is at the heart of sanctioned insanity.

If you are poor, and keep supporting a system that keeps you poor, that is a form of sanctioned insanity.

If you are plagued by violence and think taking away guns will stop the violent actions, that is a form of sanctioned insanity.

We go through the motions without actual thought.

You have people who say their regime is corrupt, but want someone else to set up the system to feed out corruption -- and the falls to the very regime they say is corrupt.

Sanctioned insanity.

It isn't normal. It is merely the norm.

You look at the bottom line: does the action actually solve a problem for the long term in the best, most equitable, most effective, and most efficient way?

Yes or no.

If yes, it doesn't matter if the action is sanctioned or not, it is rational, practical, and sensible.

If no, it doesn't matter if the action is sanctioned or not: it is insanity.

There is no rational or logical explanation. It's just loopy.

Sophistry is also a form of sanctioned insanity: denying the dysfunction as it continues to wreak havoc and make problems is a waste of time, resources, energy, and life.

So the next time you post a meme poster or partake in some action, ask yourself does it actually directly confront what ails?

I am doing this because someone told me to do it or because everyone else is doing it, and I am just copying off someone else's test paper?

It is sanctioned insanity, no matter how out of joint your nose gets...