How Canada suddenly is getting its backside pummelled in this peculiar Game of Go.

Canada is currently a country without a single grown-up in the federal regime.

We have high school kids who are emotionally stunted and incapable of an actual strategy.

If we had an actual Canadian media, they would tone down their sophistry and just show us who these knuckle-draggers who call themselves the federal government really are.

Because suddenly, Canada is getting its backside whipped with no country coming to its defence.

The Philippines is a fascinating case with its leader again calling our government's intelligence into question, particularly our prime minister:

If you cannot understand, you should not be there in that mighty post of yours because you do not know the history of the world and geopolitics.

Our prime minister does not understand politics. Neither do his cabinet. They all have ridden on the coattails of nepotism and façades, and their shallowness shows. They confuse sophistry with real intelligence. They are oblivious to reality and lack gravitas.

We do not have an actual government, but a student council.

Their shallow thinking has caused this country much damage, but as everyone thinks weed will save the day, they are overlooking their own history when they allowed casinos, also thinking of all of the revenue they would be earning.

Except they didn't do the trick. The Americans countered, and kept their people at home. This is be hijacked by foreign interests if there is any money to be had, and considering the international level of disdain this country has acquired in less than a year, we are in trouble.

Nor can they expect a improbable removal of Trump to save the day. Democrats will not take over the White House. It will be an ultra-conservative vice president.

The writing is on the wall, but this country is so used to skirting by, it doesn't see that it has suddenly lost international goodwill.

In the first match in a game of Go, Canada has already been defeated, but thinks it is winning.

It is more than obvious Ontario premier Doug Ford is taking things seriously as his rapid firing of policy changes is girding his province for battle.

But the Liberal think they are made of special sauce that ensures victory.

And it is the worst regime this country has ever had the displeasure of enduring, and that is no victory at all...