Twitter censors twaddle.

Imagine buying a refrigerator that rejected storing certain foods because it deemed it "bad" for you, like the cake your mom made for you because it was fattening, and not made from organic ingredients, oh, and because the bakery chain in the area lobbied to reject any homemade food.

You would not be happy. Your basic rights and freedoms are being dictated by people who have never seen you in their lives, but now have decreed what you should and shouldn't be keeping in your fridge.

Cake is meant to be shared with others, too, and so they are forcing their beliefs and demands on everyone around you. They know better than you.

Those billionaire meddlers having nothing better to do than dictate what you are going to keep in your own home.

Twitter is an appliance. It is an appliance people use on their own time in their own home, and if people stopped using Twitter, Twitter would cease to exist. It is absolutely dependent on public goodwill to exist.

Twitter is censoring twaddle, as is Facebook, and they have now crossed a line, deciding what ideas and thoughts you are allowed to store and share.

The value of the written word has been greatly devalued because everyone is storing their thoughts online in their fridge, and now the storage manufacturer is meddling because they don't approve.

And censoring is one of those things that can be hijacked by governments or corporations. They can make laws to decide what is stored and shared. Corporations can pay Twitter to ensure their products are stored and shared, and any homegrown ideas or those of their enemies and rivals are removed.

That's what has happened, and for Twitter, stopping to rooting in their users' fridge is a huge step down.

Troubling, in one way, but also a sign that the Internet is more desperate than their swagger and patronizing attitude suggests...