F.R.E.E.D. is researching by immersive experimental instinct

If you want to know What Is, then See.

If you want to know What If, then Try.

If you want to know What Will Be, then Act.

You will never know any of those tenets of Reality, unless you forego the scripts.

It is a process I call adlibture.

I have always followed my instincts because scripts are rigs.

Someone figured a system that works in their favour, and now they want to shame and ridicule people who wish to achieve the same goals in their own way.

I always did my own thing in my own way.


I walked freely around to have a look at the world around me.


I gave things a try to test them.

And then to improve upon them.


And those around me noticed that I wasn't like others who followed a preset script.


That is F.R.E.E.D.: the method of trusting your own idiosyncrasies to see the reality to find the truth.

Life is random, chaotic, and filled with anarchy.

So how do you cover it in a meaningful way?

But learning to ride wavelengths, but always being aware that you are riding them on your own natural instincts.

It is something journalism never learned to do because it got hijacked by control freaks who flip at any and all criticism directed at them.

And it is time for a more mature way of doing things...