Tweak and Troll: Political debating in an Age of Propaganda.

We no longer have political debates. We have childish sibling rivalry where people tweak and troll each other, and then use memes to stick out their tongues at other people.


The Left have been acting villainous of late with their tantrums demanding anyone who doesn't march lockstep with their commoner decrees be censored, and now it seems that the truth about Big Tech is finally coming out.

Big Tech are the small-town boys who ran away from their villages to make it in the Big City. They looked down at their uncouth and rough-edged relatives of whom they are embarrassed exist, and now in this glorious Promised Land, they can find sophisticated grown-up to play with at cocktail parties and all nod with each other as they scrub their humble roots and hide their rustic relatives from the world.

Big Tech assumed because they were young and educated that they were brilliant were going to build the perfect Death Machine to get rid of that cloying Grandpaw Willy who babbles about how the government is too lax with criminals, by gum. Create this hip, edgy Cool Kids clubhouse called social media, and you have built a wall to keep those pesky people out because they are just too stupid to know how to use one of them computers to go on the Twitter and the Facebook.

And then everyone will vote Democrat, and we will all live in Progressive Paradise. The End.

Yes, bad guys always want to take over the world. They can never allow diversity, and they must confine and subjugate outsiders.

But our plucky hero, Grandpaw Willy, despite living in his Florida condo or trailer park -- figured out how this whole Internet thing worked, and the Death Machine that was supposed to keep him out, turned out to be a great tool for him to complain about the government to all of his other friends.

And now that glorious clubhouse is revealing the very roots the Left always tries desperately to hide and avoid.

And so now, they are stooping to the cowardly act of censorship because their original theory that people on the Right are a bunch of intellectually-inferior Luddites has not only been disproven, but it was someone on the Right who took the Left-rigged Twitter and won a presidency.

And there is always such a "good reason" to oppress and stifle, because, of course, anyone who is not aligned with the Left is a evil Neo-Nazi.

Of course not. I am not a Leftie. I have seen their hypocrisy up close and personal, telling the Middle Class what they want to hear, but then doing the same things their ideological rivals do. Don't tell me your lies, and expect to be believed. It is no more a compassionate or sophisticated ideology than the Right-leaning ones.

Because when you must build walls to keep people who do not applaud your every sentiment out, you have already admitted that your ideology is wrong and inferior to the one that you cannot stand up to with facts and reason.

But in an Age of Propaganda, people run away from facts as they shut down opposing viewpoints. They want to pretend they are smarter and morally superior to their rivals; and so they twist and distort their words and images as they suppress those voices so people can judge for themselves.

Journalism hedged their bets, and picked the Cocktail Party Side, which is a hack for rubes who do not actually have a deep understanding of reality, but want the sure thing script to get them to be envied and more importantly, obeyed.

The truth is there will never be consensus among 7,400,000,000+ people. There can never be a monolithic solution that will work for all of them, and it is the reason we allow freedom of expression to find the solutions that work for as many people as we can because we all have different life requirements, and to keep a balance, we have to know how things are progressing or breaking down.

It will not be things you want to hear. A rich person may not want to know that he doesn't have the right to grow wealthy at his employees' backs just as those employees do not want to hear that they are not owed a pay check even if they don't want to show up to work. Reality and life are not your personal servants or apologists for your selfishness.

But you need to hear them, even if it spoils your little cocktail party.

The tweaking and trolling passing as debate and moral crusading is making ideological intolerance the norm. No, it is neither normal, nor healthy, but it cannot hide the truth people do not want to face: sometimes your reality is different than other people's realities, and they are not wrong for having different concerns, problems, observations, beliefs, and solutions.

This is how you hammer out solutions and progress: not by hiding or running away as you build fortresses, but by walking into the eye of the storm and facing it.

Big Tech has now made the conscious decision to hide inside a rabbit hole, and now every predator can hijack them and take over.

They built a defective death machine that now is primed to turn on them, all while people have now gotten into the unnatural habit of tweaking and trolling to deal with reality -- and reality doesn't care about your temper tantrums -- is goes on without you...