Meta-Propaganda: When control freaks forget they are behaving like psychopaths and other people can see them.

I find it interesting how these days people have this drive to tell people what to think and what to do.

Seeing this manual from Shareblue, a blueprint how to manipulate the public is sickening on every single level. It is blatant war propaganda.

This is how psychopaths groom and prime an audience. It is classic war propaganda, and now that journalism is actually dead, meddlers with money have decided to hijack social media.

The funny thing it it won't work. The architects are too desperate and cocky -- and have no clue what has actually happened to thinking patterns. If they had been a little more forward thinking about 20 years ago, I would say they had an excellent chance of succeeding, but the old guard is going to be supplanted by a thinker who thinks in more complex -- and simpler -- strategies than Go.

But there is now an absolute desperation to control the masses. 

Here is a piece in MIT Technology Review about how you have professional manipulators who crow about being about to "hack" into people's minds and get them to predict and manipulate behaviour.

Yes, like the way you controlled voters in Brexit and US 2016 elections? Neither consultants nor pollsters had a clue. Every few years, we have articles such as this one, and I even have books on my shelves from decades ago that made the same decrees and the same predictions...that never came true.

What we are seeing is a global elite meltdown identity crisis. They honestly think they can control 7.4 billion people and did so. People delude themselves into believing that they have control and power, when what they have is a laidback population humouring them with their goodwill until those in power cross a line, and then they find out just how their cunning wasn't all that.

It is like the kid who lies to their parents and gets away with it because mom and dad don't want to be inconvenienced; so they let the lie slide knowing full well it is a lie, but the kid thinks he is more cunning than adults.

And so he keeps lying to his benignly neglectful parents who think weighed their options and decided turning a blind eye is less taxing than calling out the little brat for being a disrespectful fibber.

And then the kid tries his act to another adult who doesn't love him, and either calls him out and doesn't bite, or decides to manipulate the kid and enable his delusion as he takes advantage of his shady character.

Either way, the kid is in for the surprise of his life.

We are in an Age of Propaganda is rapidly becoming the Age of Meta-Propaganda where the cowardly and deluded try to suppress reality. Social media is at the mercy of a public that humours them, but should they start crashing in on their fun, they take their goodwill elsewhere.

The Left and the Right will cancel each other out. The divide may seem to get bigger, but only with regards to content. When the structure is revealed to be identical, people will not move to the fringe or seek resistance or rebellion.

They will be looking for something that gives them a clean break.

And that day is coming sooner rather than later...