It is 2018. We don't need press conferences or briefings anymore.

I never understood press conferences. They have always been a canned event. You have someone read from a script that serves as a spoon to directly feed the press. It is just for soundbites. Once crisis management and public relations firms became a well-oiled machine, journalists should have abandoned the practice and go out looking for raw, unprocessed information that could just as easily be disseminated in other ways.

After all, people holding press conferences and briefings never answer the questions. The recent mass killing spree in Toronto was marked by police and hospitals having press conferences where they praised their own work, fancying doing what they are paid to do as heroic, and then not actually answer the questions of the names of the victims that they released when they were good and ready via press release.

But it is a staple in journalistic grandstanding and melodrama, where a scrum of uncivilized shouters mug and try to out-yell each other.

They are as convoluted as those scrums chasing a newsmaker down the street as the person, doing what is an evolutionary instinct when ambushed and hunted by jackals: run away as fast as their legs can carry them.

But it sure does look like reporters are doing their jobs and keeping ambushed people in check.

It is a hack. You can sounding commanding and oh, so serious without actually just toiling for real stuff that people who hold press conferences do not want people to see.

So this mass temper tantrum at the White House Briefing. Jim Acosta, always an unreasonable facsimile of a journalist getting into some childish and egotistic slap fight with White House press secretary Sarah Sanders.

Journalists are an enemy to common sense, and this is what they have been reduced to in 2018: self-indulgent nihilism.

Right now, there are a million scandals flying under the radar because you have knuckleheads trying to make themselves seem important at a fake event.

We don't need this kind of trash. Not in 2018 in a world where canned events have no place in a modern landscape...