How well has #MeToo really been doing lately?

Not too good. Apparently someone wanting to discredit actress and Harvey Weinstein accuser Asia Argento by saying the pot was calling the kettle black.

Maybe blacker, as the young man in the centre of this muck was under 18 at the time.

I have always said #MeToo was a response to shoo out Trump from the White House. That infamous tape of him spewing vulgarities to Billy Bush was supposed to sink him, and it didn't; and so, ramp it up and exploit women who do get abused in the workplace so that the natural conclusion would be the Big Meany Who Spoiled The Left's Narrative Has To Just Go Away.

Middle Class women wanted a female president, and they were denied, and #MeToo hit a chord with them, and rightfully so, but #MeToo was a form of war propaganda. The fact that it was used as such doesn't negate the fact the sexual harassment is a real thing.

But I find it interesting how well coordinated the pushback has been in journalism, the place where many of the accused were employed in positions of power.

#MeToo was a social media-spawned movement, and for one that was supposed to take down Right-wing men, it took down far more Left-wing players instead.

I also find it interesting that the New York Times -- the one who had the story on Weinstein a decade earlier but axed it, are the ones to go after a Weinstein accuser now. Ronan Farrow inconvenienced a lot of media players, and the game of chess has just gotten dirty.

But this is all American limousine liberal kerfuffling, and the worst of it all, Republicans have been whole-hearted on supporting feminist causes because of the number of liberal men who have been exposed to be workplace terrorists, but with social media, control of the narrative is impossible because there are so many voices.

Even Twitter, which openly admits to being on the Left are wholly responsible for Trump's victory. Their current censorship mode is damaging their brand and their power. You may want to rig a board, but you can do it in a game of chess where you allow only select number of pawns on the board. Social media is too overcrowded, and you wind up with stones with no titles, meaning it is a game of Go where the point is to surround a target.

This is the reason #MeToo could thrive as a legitimate Go strategy, but we are now seeing the handicaps of each new game starting to weaken the original victors.

But these players are all rich, famous, and powerful. The US is playing a political war and the soldiers on the board happen to be rich white actresses. As the New York Post once bluntly observed, Harvey Weinstein was picked because he no longer had clout.

#MeToo resonated because it was based in truth: in places where people are starving in a land where the wealthy hoard and exploit, the differences are stark enough for the poor not to be able to lie, spin, or justify their destitution, making them ideal pigeons to recruit in an army whose message is to liberate those pawns from oppression.

We have the same dynamic and structure of manipulation, but only a First-World rather than Third-World grievance.

But that is happening in the US, while Canada has something far more disturbing transpiring right now, yet is flying under the radar.

While overall murders are down in Canada, the number of women and girls getting murdered in 2018 is going up. The number bandied is 79 from January to June, but that is only culling from media reports, which is a very incomplete way of gathering data. If we were to go by missing persons reports, police filings, and court cases to look for numbers, it would be much higher.

But don't expect much play because these are ordinary Canadian women not usually in a public profession who have to wrestle with the Alphas and get dirt under their fingernails as it goes against a narrative that this country is safe.

I always said the problem for women -- particularly ambitious women is that they have no war manuals that are in tune with their natural behaviours, realities, thinking, and circumstances. There is no cultivation the way men have had it for centuries. It is the reason why when get this far in their battles, they reach a point where there is a slaughter, and it is a shame.

Because women are afterthoughts. We don't have self-defence taught instead of physical education in grade school for girls. We don't have the foundations for any of it. It is why women are usually groping alone in the dark wilderness, and become exhausted as they must fight a thousand wars just to have a decent life on their own terms, all while they are expected to lose focus by making dinner and hanging the laundry...