Social media and journalism: how the younger medium just turned into the relics they supplanted.

Twitter is a hot mess.

It is a troll scroll that appeals to Western middle class truisms: knee-jerk reactions in a few words, and with all sorts of easy solutions form people who have no expertise or knowledge on the matters presented before them.

It doesn't matter if it is on the Left or Right: Twitter made a fantasy of issuing royal decrees to the entire world for free real.

You can gang up and bully other people with your arrogant ignorance. Snarky comebacks and taunts that are moronic can be applauded by other people who form opinions before educating themselves on a topic.

The social media titan certainly put the Twit in Twitter.

And then came the obvious victory of Donald Trump that was an absolute shock for the Left.

They thought all you had to do is morally masturbate in pubic and shame people into believing your script as you pretend you are young and hip to those old relics who do not march to your marching orders, and that's it.

Social media always presented itself as progressive and the future -- never mind all of it is run by rich white men.

Just the way old media is run by rich white men.

Here comes the new boss, same as the old boss, as the old white boy's song plays.

Everyone in the world can now be fooled into thinking they are doing their own independent thinking, was those who wear the Left-winged masks believed.

And then cams along those on the Right who are not computer illiterate, and thumbed their nose at their political rivals, and beat them at their own game.

That women who fancy themselves as feminists kept with the Left is an enigma to me.

You finally have a chance to forge your own path, and you take the road over-travelled?

Just how lazy and incompetent are you?

And socialism? Are you really that historically illiterate?

People who were rich before socialist and communist regimes were still rich, you idiots.

The only differences were (a) the government had secret police to terrorize the poor in socialist regimes to keep them down, and (b) the government lied to the people telling them how their poverty wasn't poverty.

If you think you can get something for nothing, you are a gullible pigeon, and if you do not get the concept that the wealthy are rich because their minds are calculating and can find loopholes and ignore the lines in the sand you draw, then you are oblivious to reality and are unteachable.

In other words, you have people so stupid (yes, stupid) that they want to use an old patriarchal system (and yes, socialism is patriarchal and even more so than capitalism), that is unoriginal, flawed, and easy to exploit by the very rich people who are flourishing under capitalism.

That's what you want?

Who told you to want it?

Yeah, some yahoo on the Twitter, and then it makes it all okay.

And no one seems to notice all of these political players are all rich white men.

Bernie Sanders as some sort of progressive icon?

And it's floundering, anyway, much to the Left's perpetual chagrin.

And these slacktivist pseudo-political aware thinkers are now licking their wounds, trying to re-rig the system to favour them.

So now let's force Big Tech to censor people for not applauding obvious faulty and flawed theories that history has repeatedly shown does not work.

Twitter was always a puritanical sewer. It was not made to inform and educate because you can't know things based on a few words. Western middle-class thinking was raised on television, where advertisers constantly lied to them that all of their problems would vanish with zero effort if they sprayed or squirted goop on something because some mysterious They developed this magical panacea.

That's the thinking controlling modern thought. It is not coming from academia. It is coming from people like Vince Offer shilling plastic in an infomercial or those Ginsu ads that convinced millions of people that knives that cut running shoes are as so good as a fairy godmother's wand.

This is what political thought in North American is based on.

Nothing else.

To engage in any sort of debate is a waste of life. It is a shackle meant to drain people and deflect their focus and energies on creating something new that the old guard doesn't already know the cheats to win.

Rich people are rich regardless if there are communists in power or socialists or capitalists. They wrote those rule books, and they want to have to learn a new playbook.

Poor people are poor because those rulebooks don't work in their favour.

Middle Class are the only ones whose fortunes are somewhat dependent on who their masters will be because they have no expertise or are privy to a system's Shibboleths, and their fortunes rest on whether they have the necessary work skills to be of any use.

Twitter was just supposed to be a harmless outlet for the little people to vent. It is far less personal than Facebook, which is amateur press release.

But the grains of genuine frustrations and selfish entitlements got mixed in together. People had things they wished to express, and they started to vent more and more, finding other like-minded people.

The idea that grandpa would be computer illiterate or some hillbilly from the South wouldn't be attracted to the forum or be able to use it was a real assumption by Big Tech. They were full of themselves with their Ivy League degrees and billionaire lifestyle that sheltered them from reality.

But people are people. If the young Harvard-educated white collar executive can use Twitter, so can the high school drop out from living in the trailer park. It is a great equalizer, and considering there are more poor people than rich people, guess what?

The poor people will have a bigger voice by nature of their numbers.

The middle class will hedge their bets and follow whatever rich people say because they are deluded into believing that at least their children may have a chance to be wealthy if they support the system and suck up to those overlords.

The trouble is Twitter is hot air. Disposable hot air. You have pockets of success here and there, and why Twitter's power is exaggerated.

It is the same as winning the lottery. You have less than one percent of the population win huge jackpots, but everyone plays just in case they end up in that coveted minority.

As long as it looks like some non-expert mundane random person has a hope in Hell, the scam is in no danger of being completely abandoned.

The problem for the Left is they have a single semi-victory of #MeToo, which, ironically, has taken down more of their white boys than those on the Right.

But the Right seemingly has more luck, and Twitter thinks it can rig the board. They have become the Thought Police, dictating who is allowed to be broadcast and who cannot.

The Right, not surprising are having fits.

But Big Tech is playing a game they are going to lose. They have just created a rallying point for a political ideology who can abandon those platforms, and create their own, breaking their dominance. The selling point of Big Tech was its neutrality: by letting anyone use it -- regardless of their lack of knowledge, expertise, educational level, and even sanity, it gave people a voice. If they wanted someone else's voice, they would have stuck to the old model of journalism.

If Big Tech is just like journalism, and journalism was rejected, then the hook of Big Tech is gone, and so is there clout. They were quietly amassing power and wealth in the background, and now that they are showing themselves as being control freaks who pick sides and are meddling in people's opinion-spewing, they are no different than the old boss, and the spell has been broken.

If you are openly rigging a board you control, you have already lost the war. You are no . longer the young cool kids you pretended to be: you are the dictators who were unelected to office, and if you preached all this time that everyone's voice was equal, but yours suddenly becomes more equal than others, you have revealed yourself to be one of the pigs in an Orwellian Animal Farm.

And you can't walk back from it or spin it. The damage is done and those who you decreed are inferior to your opinions will neither forgive nor forget. You made an open clubhouse with no restrictions, you have to live with the consequences of fit.

This is the year where Big Tech has made a series of colossally fatal flaws because they had built a myth of being friendly to the world, and being everyone's buddy. Now that those façades have been exposed, those super-rich are panicking and behaving like those scared and jittery Western middle-class minions who think painting-by-numbers makes them cultured and they follow whatever someone else tells them to follow without considering radical new ideas or revolutionary thoughts.

So they are playing it safe, trying to appease the Left because isn't that what the young people all believe, right? We have to seem with it and cool, right?

Big Tech's midlife crisis is now in full play.

And they are raging rapidly as they appease the rich old white guys who are making demands of them with various threats.

We still have a void of information and facts. Journalism is just biding its time in its coffin, thinking it will all blow over, but they should be prepared to move over in those pine boxes to make room for the new kid in town.

We won't see socialism as a ruling ideology. That is a mere flirtation of someone with that aforementioned midlife crisis.

Something new is coming up. A new way of thinking and a new structure.

Something that fits with the new mindset that social media created, but never understood, let alone capitalized on before they got themselves into a horrible mess.

And Twitter can censor anything it wants; it's too late to stop those dominos that are falling as we speak...