The day after journalism's Lockstep Fiasco...

Nothing in journalism changed. They threw their most blatantly partisan temper tantrum...

And then nothing.


It makes you wonder how an entire profession that think it is covering reality cannot see the humour of their own demise.

It is beyond funny.

It is comedy.

And nothing changed as they had their public breakdown.

What next? Another tantrum?

Or do they finally see what I have seen since the early 1990s?

That they have been living in a fog created from a toxic stew of both arrogance and ignorance.

And they have become nothing but a bunch of jokers, meaning they are not playing with a full deck.

And yet, they are oh so very serious.

One ambitious card left that cursed deck to hover above and chronicle how that house of cards crumbled.


And now she is creating something else because she knows that those who all walk lockstep, marching themselves right into oblivion...