Memo to Facebook: You are not capable of revitalizing journalism. You have been infected by the same disease that destroyed journalism.

Although they are now denying their arrogant lecture, Facebook is not going to save journalism:

...Campbell Brown, Facebook’s head of news partnerships, told a group of more than 20 broadcasters and publishers that she wanted to help media companies develop sustainable business models through the platform.

“We will help you revitalise journalism … in a few years the ­reverse looks like I’ll be holding your hands with your dying ­business like in a hospice...”

No, you won't.

Only people in a weakened position try to bluff by making stupid and empty threats like that.

There are many reasons why Facebook will not save journalism. The most important reason is they are built on an egotistical me-centred propaganda model completely clashing with actual information dissemination.

Facebook is amateur DIY public relations and propaganda. This is the place where you brag about your vacation and your kids getting an award for graduation. People who write those cloying end of the year letters now have Facebook to do it all year round.

This is the place where you take highly-filtered selfies, not the place for actual, serious news. If Facebook spewed that garbage, their days of influence are a lot shorter than it seems.

Because people are abandoning Facebook because they get depressed that their fake lives are not as exciting as their friends's fake lives.

Facebook was also about keeping the façade of adolescence artificially going way past high school. Facebook is actually a vanity yearbook where you are the editor and the subject matter. You get top billing and your friends may pop in with likes, comments, or being tagged with a photograph or two.

It is about preaching your political views and airing billions of animal videos.

Not news.

It is too vanity-centred for that to ever happen.

So if Facebook is holding some delusions, they hint that their success comes from conniving dumb luck more than actual cunning and business savvy.

The problem is that Alex Jones is proving you don't need Big Social Media.

I know that most of my traffic doesn't come from Facebook or Twitter. Not even Google. I am seeing definite shifts in the landscape, that's not a bad thing at all.

An alternative to journalism cannot be tethered or dependent on the medium. It has to be able to adopt to technology changes and their implications at a moment's notice.

Because the Internet is too unstable for it to be able to dominate. I do believe that a Fifth Medium will take over, and it will be in my lifetime.

Social media is not stable, and it is more of a tumbleweed -- a medium with no roots.

It has become the place where people just gripe and make demands over trivial things, and ignore the deep issues and problems as they want simple no-brainer answers that other people have to do for them like servants so they do not have to put any effort into it.

It has been corrupted by the same vanity that destroyed journalism.

Another couple of scandals, and social media as a force is done.

But people aren't going back to journalism.

That's not happening.

The love affair with journalism has been over for years, and the love affair with Big Tech is also about to sour, save for Apple.

Something new is coming on the horizon, and when that happens, a new information era is free to begin...