Journalists keeping quiet on assaults on them? Nothing new. Not at all.

A couple of interesting, if oblivious articles about how journalists are keeping quiet that their fellow reporters are getting hurt covering leftist protestors. On CBC and in the New York Post.

This isn't exactly new. In the late 1990s, I had tried to write a story about how some reporters had been harm and manhandled by various people (such as prime ministers!) and protesters who had positive narratives spun, and those incidents were not mentioned by their colleagues. Needless to say, my story was nixed and never saw the light of day, even though I had interviewed those who had been harmed, even if they had police trounce them for merely asking a world leader to repeat what they said.

It happens. It is difficult when there are mobs or people in power who can screw you over.

Once upon a time people would be outraged for the simple reason that reporters were just about the only people who could get access to volatile events or have a path cleared to interview people in power.

Now, it is not the same. Politicians a tweet their selfies and get their lackeys to spew junk on social media. Protestors can film themselves and control their narrative, spinning stories how they are oh-so-right-and-moral and if anyone sees their lies, contradictions, and hypocrisy are just pure evil for pointing it out.

So abuse of journalists is shrugged off because they have become obsolete. The value of journalists has been plummeting for years because of access to an international audience has been opened to the general public.

It is a sign of the times, and one that is still hard for many in the business to grasp because its implications about the state of the profession is too catastrophic to entertain...