No facts? No problem! The Hill Times spewing propaganda once again.

Journalism has become beyond lazy. They do not bother to actually put a single fact in their stories anymore. Spew a narrative, speculate, and then get "experts" to say that yes, it could be true, but as those experts have no facts, they cannot prove your paranoid conspiracy theory.

The insulting nature of the Hill Times's article could not possibly be more arrogant:

Saudi spat with Canada could be ‘proxy’ for U.S. quarrels with Trudeau government, experts say

Notice the word couldNot "is", but "could".

Santa Claus could be real, too.

And the Hill Times could be a news product.

To assume that the Saudi government are mindless puppets of Donald Trump is, quite rich.

And racist. Xenophobic, too. The ones trying to smooth things over are being slammed for it. It is still Islamophobia if you knock people who are higher in the pecking order than you are; so no, you can't fool anyone when you are pitying those who you think are less fortunate than you.

Canada has made itself vulnerable for the last couple of years with their arrogant attitude, alienating more than one world leader, which I have chronicled with concern over the last few months here, long before this gratuitous spat with the Saudis. If the Canadian regime was genuinely concerned with the plight of imprisoned people over there, they would do things behind the scenes diplomatically, not morally masturbate on Twitter. That's slacktivist virtue-signalling.

The Saudis may have easily seen an opportunity cut their ties with Canadian dead weight and took advantage of it.

We need facts to confirm or refute a theory, but I seriously doubt the Saudis needed to stoop to being a white man's proxy and go after a small potatoes country like Canada.

So get over yourselves, you bigots.

And what else does the Hill Times's paranoid conspiracy theory proffer? That the fact that not even Tuvalu is coming to stand in solidarity with Canada?

195 countries on this planet and everyone is smirking on the sidelines.

Is every other world leader now a part of this Vast Trump-wing Proxy Conspiracy?

Here is a thought: maybe the Liberal Regime are a bunch of ninnies who couldn't govern themselves out of a paper bag.

The article is beyond horrid. It is literally paranoid garbage that offers no information.

This is the Fake News your mother warned you about.

Get facts. Get experts who do not indulge speculation because no real expert does that.

Do not spew spin to justify a narrative that your ideological lunacy is divinely right. It's not.

And deal with reality; not the fantasy of denial...