100+ newspapers openly become propaganda outlets marching lockstep like a zombie attack.

Bullies on the playground. That is what journalism does.

They are too cowardly to admit why their industry died; so they blame one man.

And they are deciding to all gang up and write garbage propaganda to prove why they do not know what news is anymore.

They made a mess of things. Their failures are on them

They do not know what news is anymore. They either drool over celebrities, attack Trump, or inflate customer service complaints into some sort of social breakdown.

That is the reason journalism is no longer relevant.

And when those coordinated attacks bring them nothing, then what?

Will they then admit they no longer are rational human beings, but dead zombies outraged at nothing in particular?

That is the reason we need F.R.E.E.D.

We need it to replace the propaganda and the garbage being paraded as news.

Journalists remembered how their bullying destroyed the Serbs, and now they want to relive those bloody glory days.

Yes, they are pathetic.

Yes, they are losers.

No, that is not opinion. Just look at their fortunes and face reality.

They lost the game.

They lost the battle.

They lost the war.

Memo to the press: Yes, we know you hate Trump because he defeated you all with a single elegant victory. That is not news.

Get over it before.

And move on...