Fort Wayne News-Sentinel lets go all but one news staff employees. You want to still tell lies that journalism is still a thing?

There lots of thick heads of human ostriches who love to stick their heads in the sand.

Eight news employees were still standing, but seven got their walking papers.

You have partisan vultures such as ProPublica play make pretend while their unreasonable facsimiles to journalism that require funding from the well-heeled partisan Establishment who think they have figured a sneaky way to fool the masses by means of a blind, but there is no money in news anymore.

The model is dead. Done.

The pseudo-journalistic models are not doing well, either. The "public" model of journalism is funded by wealthy dilettantes who have money to throw into tax shelters and write-offs because they think their money gives them intellectual sophistication and superior culture to herd the sheep.

Sooner or later, even those numbskulls will figure out they are coming off as the unteachable and barbarically ineffectual antediluvian nerds that they are and go fund something else that makes them look hip and smart without having the blessing of being either.

Go lobby to make fake cocktail party laughter an Olympic sport or something.

But we have a void. The quality of information that is present on the Internet has gone done to dreck.

I remember when I used to go online twenty years ago: web sites were not as elegant, but there was no shortage of quality information. I could email experts directly and have meaningful discussions with a total stranger hundreds of mile away.

Now, so much as been shut off. Access to actual people has been shut off in many ways. Tweets with blue checkmarks are more often than not done by someone who doesn't have that checkmark by their name.

There are forms to fill online and it all goes into a black hole, replaced with animal videos, and other life sinks. Companies have no trouble asking for personal information or even taking it from you without your knowledge or approval.

Minimum wage jobs with lousy hours and no benefits demand credit ratings, doctor's notes, letters from your insurance company, criminal checks, and even driving abstracts at the candidate's expense without telling employees what are the hours, wages, or conditions of that job.

The Internet has been rigged and skewed, and it is the reason it is not built to last. Facebook's usage has taken a nosedive, for instance, and it is not surprising in the least.

Because when a medium is as blatantly rigged to favour one side over another, and it is dependent on the goodwill of the party getting screwed, they can just up and walk away.

As traditional media relish the idea that the likes of Facebook cannot control the monster they made, people aren't crawling back to the old guard. They certainly no longer have an impact on where people flock for their dose of partisan fairytale spinning, even if they Big Brother  ban it.

But legacy media's reaction reminds me of an old Serbian anecdote of a man's cow dying and his neighbour celebrating because while he never had a cow, but at least his neighbour won't have one, either.

So the decline of the Internet is not paving the way for the old model of journalism to resurrect itself.

There is a growing black hole, and the toxic combination of arrogance and ignorance are just making it bigger as we need more information in uncertain times...