Alexandra Kitty's Wild Ride.

When I decided to take the initiative and go into journalism to see why it was having problems, no one gave me the idea to do it. I made my own decree and carried it through.


I had no compass or map because doing things like this wasn't being done. I called it Method Research and while we have undercover police officers (who I wrote about in Elle Canada) and we have reporters who have gone undercover for stories, we don't actually have a system of working in a profession because your job is to audit it.

It was more than a job. It was a meta-job.


You are always wearing two hats, not one.

But when you are always wearing two hats, you become a magician who keeps transmuting, and you become some who always has a dual-purpose: one to do a job, and one to assess the job you are doing.

And because journalism should have gone through this process itself, it should have transmuted itself, but it refused, staying static.

But I didn't stay static.


I developed certain abilities because of doing something that you would think would be standard for industries such as journalism: hovering above to see how its own internal health was doing.


They didn't, and while I am nor surprised in industry corrupted by arrogance didn't think to look inwards, I am still shocked they are behaving so destructively as their own profession imploded.

I took a breather after my Method Research because suddenly, I my thinking was completely changing, becoming a peculiar blend of big picture and minute detail, which was one of the skills Method research honed in me.

It was like wearing a microscope with one eye and a telescope with the other.

So I had to pull back and start to focus in a different way.


When I was studying psychology as an undergrad, I stumbled upon a strange fact about myself: I had no Left/Right brain dominance.

I sort of knew on one level because I am ambidextrous and can write and draw with both my right and left, but when one of my professors wanted to demonstrate the Stroop Effect to the class and picked me, I zipped through the list not making a single error, which is not something most people can do. It did not take long for my handedness to come up, and after retesting my abilities, I found out my brain just did not like to pick sides.

Because my ideology is what I call Radical Centrism: I am not a Leftie or a Rightie. It is not as if I am sitting on a fence; I just look from every angle, and like to keep moving.


But even if you like to keep moving, sometimes you still have to removed yourself to look at yourself, too. What can you do with what you can do?


For me, it has been taking a series of risks as I begin a new level of something that is new, but without ignoring what inspired me to do it in the first place.


And climbing a spiral staircase was what I did, making sure it was not a hamster wheel.

But sometimes you want to make your own staircase to go somewhere new to create something better.

So while journalism turns into some zombie horde needlessly, I am moving forward with something more liberating and fun than what the status quo have condemned and confined themselves for no good reason at all...