Boston Globe is a Propaganda Machine. Yes, journalism is dead, kids. What you see is a vindictive zombie.

The Boston Globe has now completely shown itself for the propaganda-spewing vendetta-settler that it is.

But, as cowards usually, do, they want their zombie army to all march lockstep together August 16.

This is the gutter appeal:

The Boston Globe has appealed to newspapers across the U.S. to publish editorials on Aug. 16 denouncing what it calls a “dirty war against the free press.”
The Globe says it’s appealing to editorial boards to take a stand regardless of their politics and whether they generally editorialize for or against the president’s policies.
Trump often characterizes the media as “fake news” and journalists as his true political opponents.
Marjorie Pritchard, who oversees the Globe’s editorial page, says dozens of newspapers have agreed so far to write their own editorials. She says they include both large metropolitan dailies along with many smaller publications.

Dozens of propaganda outlets trying to settle a personal score with the president.

Your mandate is to inform. Not settle childish scores that prove the president is right.

The press wants a president pat them on the head and drool all over them.

You can't take insults and do your jobs? That's on you.

You failed. You have no idea what journalism is anymore.

You find facts and report them.

You do not write propaganda that suits your own self-serving interests.

Is journalism dead?

Yes, and the Boston Globe proves it...