New York Times' Limousine Liberal logic continues. Your industry now is feeling the same Rust Belt blues those "deplorables" felt.

The New York Times has a lot of nerve with their whiny diatribe how Bugs Meany/Donald Trump imposed tariffs on newsprint and now newspapers can't spew their partisan reportage as cheaply as they did before.

Well, if you had readers buying your newspaper, then this wouldn't be a problem. The end.

Unfortunately, the Times has no empathy or understanding that they are uppity trolls who cannot see the basics of their own situation.

This is not some political spat where tariffs are weaponized as all the nerd kids like to say.

Welcome to the Blue Collar Blues, kids.

This is what the Rust Belt contended with thanks to tariffs that did not favour the factories where they worked, and they lost their jobs, their livelihoods, and become broken because of them.

You know, those people Hillary Clinton called deplorables and you didn't call her out for the uppity wickedness.

They suffered, and then when a candidate assured them that his priority was to create jobs so they could earn their own keep and get their self-respect back, you essentially called them stupid dupes of the Russians, and decided with your own demented logic that they were all evil rubes who were had by the Ruskies.

They voted for Trump because they were desperate to be self-sufficient again because of something that was beyond their control.

And now you are them.

You became what you looked down on and hated.

But instead of using that as a starting point to understand the people you alienated with your classist snobbery, you are ignoring reality and blaming Trump once again for your own problems that you had long before he decided to run for president.

You can never see reality without empathy and compassion. It has always been the same game: running away to a big city to pretend you are a different species from the poor small-town people you left behind.

Or coming from a big city and never bothering to walk among people who are not like you.

That used to be journalism, once upon a time. People walking among their fellow human beings, and not thinking it was a repulsive inconvenience to talk to them and get to know them.

Because you thought you were better, you ignored their plight, and then never learned what the warning signs were.

And when it hit you, you had no ideas what happened.

Again, that's on you, not your ex-boyfriend Donald Trump...