Canadian media meltdown continues: This country needs to stop being dependent and learn to stand on its own two feet.

The National Post is all upset because Canada swaggered, got smacked down, and the silence as the rest of the world minds its own business and doesn't have social programs to meddle and enable other country's delusional fantasies.

Donald Trump was voted president. The buck stops with him, and if there are people in his country on the Left or Right who don't understand the concept of tough love, he does, and he doesn't have to "stand up" for Canada.

At all.

You shoot off your big mouth, you have to be able to stand for yourself.

As in, alone.

And Canada now having to go grovel to other countries for support is pathetic.

If the Saudis swaggered into Canadian politics and told them how to conduct their affairs, the arrogant howling that would come from this country would be obnoxious.

You would have the press here indignant that the Saudis should mind their own business, and the calls for boycott would be everywhere.

So turnaround is fair play.

You want to meddle in another country's affairs, be prepared to expect retaliation and go it alone.

Your job is to ensure your country is up to code. Trying to deflect attention to your own failures and incompetency by pointing out some other country's affairs is an old ruse, and Canada is in no position to play that card.

And Canada is not up to code.

But we have a regime that are big fish in a small pond, and they honestly think they are superior to not just the little people, but to everyone else, too.

And they took their arrogance on a global platform where their betters are taking particular pleasure stomping on them in front of the entire world, something Canada is not used to experiencing.

The problem is we have allowed nepotism to hijack our government, and the damage those in power are doing to their own country has real and long-term ramifications to the rest of this country for decades, and some of that damage will never be undone.

The press in this country were way too deferential to that regime, and thus, this is a government who was sheltered from reality because of it, and then went blindly into delicate situations and thought they were special.

And all they had to do was throw a few choreographed temper tantrums and they would get their way.

Had we had a functional press, the Grits would have been in a far more humble and realistic frame of mind, and would know that the job isn't just voguing at canned events.

It's diplomacy, and strategy.

But it has been Amateur Hour since day one with no learning curve.

So I do not see this turn of events as wasted. May it serve a lesson what happens when you are dependent on others to applaud you and then find that not everyone is impressed with your little act.

I am listening to News Talk 1010 where they still don't get it, calling the statement "innocuous" and it is being spun as a positive thing. Obviously, it wasn't innocuous -- and there are things that happen behind the scenes where a seemingly "innocuous" statement is the final straw...but in Canada, journalists are enablers and spinners who always enable the deluded...