A tale of two journalisms: One is a propagandist for its regime. One is a propagandist against it. Both are worthless.

Canadian journalism is a warrior mom to its sheltered child, the federal Liberals, and it has become a pathetic sight.

It gets huffy whenever some other kid calls out her precious little boy. That mean old Trump is making Canada wait its turn at NAFTA talks!

Never mind that its was our regime arrogance that put us in a bind.

But coming up with excuses is what enabling parents do best to explain away their failing children. The National Post got all huffy about Saudi "propaganda" that Canada treats women poorly.

Well, National Post, I guess they read your anti-woman garbage and came to a logical and natural conclusion.

Your male and female reporters alike have all decreed that women are insane liars who can never be trusted when they accuse men in power of sexual harassment.

So paranoid is Canadian journalists that are actually spewing out a vast Trump-winged conspiracy that he has put up the Saudis into taking down Canada.

That is insane, and considering how many countries Canada has managed to offend with its regime's arrogance than less than a year, world leaders do not have to get a script from Trump to tell them they are being dissed.

Or did 190-plus countries who are not coming to Canada's defence a hint that maybe, just maybe, we installed an incompetent regime?

What? No former American presidents to rush our defence, either?

But that is what happens when you give rubes paper crowns and then have bigger rubes serve as their enablers who honestly believe all they have to do is tell the little people how to think, and they will all mindlessly nod and think it.

Yeah, that ship sailed when the Internet blew into town, kids.

But as pathetic as Canadian journalists have been in spinning the Trudeau regime's incompetence, their American counterparts have lost every sense of reality in the opposite direction.

Their self-serving vendetta against the president makes them look insane. They have lost every control of their morals, logic, and common sense, taking their tantrums to new lows and a personal level.

Ganging up on the president like a bunch of schoolyards thugs with a Let's Trash Talk Day is infantile and abnormal. There is no logical or rational reason to do this -- and the reason, "Well, the president bad mouths us" is no excuse.

Your job is to provide facts, not settle scores, that, truth be told, you had coming. You built him up for decades; so he knows who you really are.

He would not have been president unless the press legitimized the myth of the man. And no, this wasn't a People magazine soft news enabling -- this was a New York Times and 60 Minutes enabling.

But here we have two different countries with media doing two very different propagandistic things.

And they are getting absolutely nowhere. Not in their ratings or circulation numbers, and not in actually making any sort of dent with their manipulative partisan reporting.

You would think that both would put on their thinking caps and see their strategies are garbage.

And that they need to take a good long look in their mirror and stop blaming other people, world leaders, and countries for their destruction.

But no, that would take bravery, morality, and an eye to see reality.

And they don't.

Making their coverage worthless, and the real reason why they self-destructed...