On becoming Alexandra Kitty

I believe in self-cultivation.


No masks, no scripts. You have a purpose and then you work toward it, guiding yourself in all sorts of surreal and eccentric directions.


People may make fun of you and call you names, but too bad for them. They can't seem to read me, even I can read them, and their story is a real snore.


I don't put up with manipulative garbage, and I will say it to your face, but I am much nicer than most people see at first.


I believe in caring for others, even if -- especially if -- it is not convenient for you.

I also believe it is forward to the past.


Because those who don't know history are doomed to screw up everyone else's lives.

I believe that ivory towers no longer have a place in academia, and we need to reconsider how we study the world.


I believe in rebirths and resurrections. I believe in alchemy, the art and science of self-improvement.


Because you are always a work in progress, and a story being written...