Vogue takes 146 years...finally gets around to having a black cover photographer.

Almost a century and a half in existence, Tyler Mitchell gets the honour, courtesy of Beyoncé.  

If it takes you that long to do something that shouldn't be any big deal, then you never were civilized to begin with.

The excuse proffered is classic garbage:

Beyoncé’s choice is precedent-setting in many ways. As a Huffington Post report reveals, the magazine has been reticent to stray from older, respected photographers

This is pure bunk. This is a incestuous and stale publication that is supposed to be all about being modern.

Because I seriously doubt there weren't any open slots for the last century and a half, and when you run a magazine, you can make slots open.

If Peanuts creator Charles Schultz got with the program a half century ago with the introduction of Franklin Armstrong, Vogue has had no excuses for at least that long...