Canadian newspapers begged for money. Ontario government decided they could do more than just bypass the press...

Oh, the squeals and howls are funny. After begging the federal government to give them money to mess up, journalists have now seen the Ontario PC Party create their own facsimile of news.

The press is having a meltdown. The NDP, who have finally clued in that they have as much power dead insect, are having a meltdown. They may try to stall the inevitable wasting taxpayers' dollars, reintroduce bills that will not go through, and deny their own antics, but they are just an carnival act in a sucker circus.

The Tories, on the other hand, have wasted no time in exercising actual power. You know, the perk of winning an election and not being happy because you lost.

Journalists have been relegated to getting even more unsightly frown lines on their faces as other people steal their act and realized it is not hard to do these days.

Because journalism didn't improve their methods, other people and groups have been able to mimic their style, and just bypass them completely. Communications has not just been democratized, it has been co-opted.

If they have money, the groups can make their own news. If they cannot, they reject interacting with journalists entirely, but the pool of people reporters can count on is dwindling rapidly

But it is not entirely new for this province. Toronto Police have been doing it since last year. 

So we are seeing a squeeze out taking on a new form -- it has been going on for a long time, but now, the panic is finally beginning to kick in...