Memo to the Toronto Star: Whataboutism is a made up word. What you trying to dismiss is the logical fallacy called the Confirmation Bias. It is real. And you commit it every chance you get.

The Toronto Star is a trolling newspaper.

It has always had an agenda. It was always partisan. It always uses sensationalistic tactics, and its arrogance perpetually blinds it to reality.

It is the reason no one reads it anymore, and why they have had to have an ineffectual propaganda campaign of forcing taxpayers to give them money for a product they do not read because they do not find it remotely credible.

And in a multi-cultural city of its size, that is saying something. It is nobody's newspaper.

It is a newspaper that forms an opinion, and then decides that is reality, without facts.

Columnist Shree Paradkar's poorly thought-out drivel about "whataboutism" is a manipulative and self-serving attempt to prevent people from looking closely at the Star's propaganda and calling it out for it.

The article has a single purpose: to try to inoculate it's dwindling audience from looking at reality.

"Whataboutism" is not a thing. The word is an attempt for Leftist propagandists to deny their own inherent racism, sexism, and bigotry by trying to deflect attention away from their own numerous sins because deep down, the Left are bigots who engage in othering -- and when you call them out for their othering, they keep justifying their bigoted behaviour and throw temper tantrums when you call them out on the carpet for their swinish behaviour.

Paradkar is not as clever as she sees herself, and her entire diatribe of trying to deflect attention from the Left's unacknowledged -isms is to use the fake word whataboutism and then pretend it is a trolling tactic.

Memo to Shree Paradkar: You cannot deflect attention with a personal attack. What you are trying to hide behind is a lie. It is not "whataboutism": it is a real logical fallacy the Left keep committing and it is called the Confirmation Bias.

And it is a real thing. Psychologists study how people's confirmation bias affects their thinking and have been for decades.

The Confirmation Bias is a simple mistake to make: people's egos and mental laziness compels then to look for facts that confirm their theory, but then once they find it, they mistakingly believe their theory is right.

What people keep failing to do -- regardless if they are on the Right or the Left -- is look for facts that refute their theory.

So when the Left stick their little noses in the air and call out the Right for doing the same bigoted and ignorant stuff they do, it is a real case of the Confirmation Bias.

The Left have discredited themselves and are alienating more and more people because of it. It is not a simple life hack that gives you a perfect and impenetrable fortress of being perpetually right and good.

Ad the Left have much to answer for -- and not one thing less than the Right.

Because we should be questioning the racism and sexism every country in the world allows to go on.

Because people are people, no matter where they come from. There is no good people. There is no bad people. There is only people.

They all have their baggage. They all have their sanctioned insanity they confuse for culture. They all have their toxic lies they believe are truth.

All. Including you, Ms. Paradkar.

It is only when the world grows up and sees there is no Us Versus Them, only Us Versus Us, can we expect true progress.

Everyone is accountable for their wickedness of bigotry. Every nations, every culture, every group, every individual.

You cannot fluff off hypocrisy because it refutes your lofty self-assessments and makes your virtue-signalling look like the joke that it is. 

The Star is no longer a functional entity. Its own arrogance did it in ages ago. They see themselves as partisans without flaw, and when you see that -- you cannot see the reality around you...