On the ropes: how journalism -- and feminism -- got themselves into a corner and got pummelled.


In boxing, it is safest to fight in the centre of the ring.


That happens to be the alchemic symbol for gold.


Or, in nature, the eye of the storm.

Because if your opponent gets you on the ropes, you have no room to manoeuvre, and you get pummelled.

Victory comes from the centre, not from the fringe.

Because when you move toward the ropes, you are retreating and fleeing.

And the fall of journalism is actually a very simple case of an entire profession on the ropes because it retreated to the fringe.

What makes this more fascinating is that the profession's strategy was to run toward the fringe instead of fighting in the centre.

And then they get their underpants in knots when people are shouting for them to move away from those ropes that turned into their shackles...and then noose.

 It should have remained a centrist entity. While you often feel surrounded if you stay in the centre as you seem to have enemies coming at you at all sides, the truth is you can keep your freedom and your space if you get yourself off the rigged board.

That means not playing any ideological games.

You do not want to lose your liberties or be checkmated?

Don't get tricked into walking on the board to become a pawn in the first place.

Keep in the centre -- the radical centre.

That means finding a balance to rebel against getting sucked into to dogma used to incite you to become a pawn to fight a player's games. He wins the bounty, never the pawn.

But journalism got suckered and the legacy media thought sticking with the Left was a wise way to pander to the illusion of a Middle Class majority. It looked like a safe hack: here is a class of people who like to fly under the radar, follow authority, consume products to look successful, and do not have the expertise or knowledge to actually understand the various systems used to control their behaviour as they can be easily shamed into retreating if they stray off the sanctioned script with their own ideas that will always be off because they do not have access to the information they actually need to make an informed decision and do not want to be exposed as being ignorant -- and the best part is they will all howl at you if you dare point this out to them, meaning they can be perpetually scammed as they dismiss the critical warnings they need, and then heed to the advice of the grifters playing them.

Diane Sawyer once made is very biting and comedic video short that hit upon it way back in 1986 on David Letterman.

Of course, it was a gag about how Letterman's audiences always seemed to laugh at whatever he spewed and she was "investigating" it, but audiences are those everyday Middle Class mundane people, and you can take it from there.

Play it safe by pandering to the group in the centre.

It is the middle class, after all.

And on first appearances, it seemed as if journalism was sticking in the centre.

But that is looking at the audiences -- not the people in power.

It was to the Left that mainstream journalism were taking their talking points from.

But the Left found themselves on the ropes in November 2016, get pummelled and defeated in every race that mattered.

And journalists got pummelled to death in the bargain.


The Left in North America have been in a hot mess for years, but the kicker is it is a party in perpetual denial about their own flaws and moral lapses.

Point it out, and you are accused of being some Right-wing partisan.

Except I am not a Ring-winger. Never have been. Never will.

But I am not a Left-winger, either.

Western politics reminds me of cable companies: if you want to buy a package, you have to accept all the lousy channels you do not want along with the couple that you want, meaning you are over-paying and are stuck with junk you didn't ask for in the first place in order to get the few that you do.

No, thank you. That's why I don't have cable. I don't even like Netflix. I liked DVDs because I had the exact say of what I wanted, how much of it I wanted, and when I would use it.

Politics runs the same way: it is all or none, just like cults. You have to accept garbage and more garbage than anything of actual value. 

It's how you had women who thought they were feminists defending Bill Clinton as they threw fellow woman Monica Lewinsky under a bus.

Or how you can have a feminist-free federal government in Canada, while they have slap fights over who gets to call themselves a "feminist."


The answer: none of you are feminists. If you are creating a Mean Girls pecking order, you are not feminists. Just because you are ambitious women in positions of power, it doesn't make any of you feminists.

Feminism is about taking your position of power seriously, and not girlishly argue over shallow trivialities. There are women in shelters, on the streets being pimped, getting abused at work -- and you are having a petty spat over semantics?

When you have a Prime Minister who ideologically appropriated the term and then does whatever sexist before him did when faced with a nasty accusation...and you ladies all stand by your man?

Are you serious? There is no federal feminist in government. Not one.

A feminist would be preparing the country for the fallout of a trade war. When -- not if -- tariffs hit the car industry, that's it. We are in for a rough ride, and how well will women against the ropes fare when that happens?

Feminism isn't a label -- it is actions and original thinking that rebels against a script.

Remember the Famous 5?

Nellie McClung, Henrietta Muir Edwards, Irene Parlby, Louise McKinney and Emily Murphy are Persons #7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 who everyone should know.

Because they fought so women could be considered a Person.


They fought for women to have opportunities -- not who was part of a clique of superiors.

Shame on you all for being petty little wasters of time, resources, and taxpayers's money.

Women who want a better life are in danger if they follow the lead of journalisms because those who have arrived, but yet to deliver are suddenly running toward the ropes, where they are in for a pummelling of their sheltered lives.


Journalism had feminism are having far too much in common for comfort these days. Their labels have been watered down. They lost their focus. Feminism got a huge boost from #MeToo and broke barriers, but there is a difference between arriving and delivering.

Feminism finally arrived.

The problem is it is not delivering.

That's a serious problem, because if you build up an audience with your arrival, and you fail to deliver, they will not give you a second chance, and your failure is entirely on you.

Arriving is hard because if you do not arrive, the failure is on outsiders sabotaging you at every turn to prevent you from gaining access to a wide audience. If you fail to arrive, it is not your own doing. You have no control over getting on the stage.

But failing to deliver is something else entirely.

You have a crowd. You own the stage. You have complete control over both the content and structure of what you will deliver.

And what you have to deliver must absolutely be completely different than what the audience can give to themselves and others -- they are not going to waste their time on you mimicking what they are already doing -- or what they have already seen before. 

You then are a thought thief and a rip-off artist who wants attention, but not by putting actual effort -- and if the audience can do what you can do -- they'll be resentful that they aren't on the stage on you are.

Journalism found itself on the ropes because they failed to clue in that the audience has for the last twenty-five years been able to do the same things journalists were doing on the stage. 

Journalists failed to change their act, and the crowds grew resentful, and rightfully asked why should reporters deliver the same old garbage when anyone in the audience can do that from their smartphone. The audience rebelled, and rushed the stage, turning it into a boxing ring.

The professions was on the ropes and then in November 2016, Donald Trump waltzed in and pummelled them as he won the championship bout and the keys to the White House.

His timing was perfect. Journalism's comprehension of their defeat is nil.

They still believe they are without flaw, and then came to the dysfunctional conclusion that being on the ropes was a viable strategy that was both noble and would eventually give them a victory.

This is, of course, pure lunacy.

And the more they talked themselves into their own demented logic, the less of reality they could see. Not just their present reality in the West, but the reality of the past from different places.

We see nonsense propaganda articles from the Business Insider that hypothesize that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez non-functional ideas will work.

She is advocating the same flawed trash that was used in the former Yugoslavia -- you know, non-existent country that slaughtered each other when that strategy screwed them royally. If she is historically illiterate, the press should not enable those delusions. 

Anyone who relies on a parasitic economic and political system needs a stronger host country to feed it, and the US doesn't have a stronger host willing to allow them to do it.

Journalism has now come to the conclusion that socialism will save them, and if people do not want to willingly use their trash, they should be forced to pay for it, even if they will never use it.

But, since journalists think they are perfect, they refuse to change a thing. They can be blind, deaf, numb, and unaware of their environment, too arrogant and lazy to change their ways...but somehow, they are right and everyone else is wrong. There is no need to reflect with humility, try new things, and reinvent themselves because they are on the ropes, and what a glorious thing it is to be on the ropes getting your backside whumped.

So they now need a sugar-daddy to prove they were right all along, and everyone has to change and accommodate to prove they are right and don't need to alter a thing.

Leftist feminism is now doing the exact the same thing, and expecting a victory, and they can explain away and blame others when they fail to deliver, and in Canada, feminists have failed to deliver.

We saw the fast fall of Patrick Brown, and he is suing CTV, who seem confident they will win.

Perhaps, but when you have a prime minister's excuses imply that the woman's perceptions were not aligned with reality -- and his was -- it is doubtful.

I find it interesting that Justin Trudeau is incapable of admitting flaw or wrongdoing. His behaviour obviously caused someone whose job it was to work with different strangers in a public forum to be distressed enough to report it to her bosses -- and her superiors could trust her enough to believe her. They went public with the story eighteen years ago, and not in a sensationalist way.

And yet we have a prime minister who himself has dragged on this scandal because he cannot let go or come to grips with the idea that he has a character defect and caused someone on the job enough distress to pursue it then.

And considering she is not trying to milk this for all it is worth, merely adds to her credibility.

He is now on the ropes -- and he has no one to blame for it but himself.

When you arrive, you better make sure you can deliver before you step foot on the stage.

Because that stage can transmute into a boxing ring the second you fail to deliver -- and it is a different game you play.

Journalism never got that. Feminism is rapidly following that same loser's strategy.

The problem is that society needs both information and social equality to thrive. You cannot have one half the population getting pummelled on the ropes and not have dire consequences from violence to fraud.

Western society has now entered the Age of Propaganda, which is always dangerous as propaganda doesn't just blind us to society's true problems with trivialities; it also prevents us from seeing our own internal failings and improving on ourselves in a significant way.

Ways that take hard work. Ways that are emotionally and intellectually trying and taxing. Ways that take multiples tries and failures. Ways where we have no They do to it for us. Ways that make us feel uncertain and uncomfortable. Ways that force us to go into the eye of the storm to confront our greatest fears. Ways where there are no shortcuts, scripts, tricks, or hacks where we can preserve our cultivated and choreographed image and make people jealous.

The Left has been trying to avoid paying their dues for a long time now. Hillary Clinton thought enabling indignities was the equivalent, and when she lost, she threw fits, inciting others to make them think it was all a vast Right-wing conspiracy, and not a case of someone scheming to arrive, and then becoming indignant that she was expected to deliver.

Clinton is a huge reason why both journalism and feminism have been stuck in a vortex. They latched on to her ride, but then were too scared to cut the ropes and find their own ways.

There is a void of information right now. Journalism decided it was a good thing to be on the ropes, and feminism is getting the same ideas. Feminism at least is not there yet and can get itself to the centre again instead of alienating any person whose ideas deviate from a script.

But journalism lost it all. They can't go back because they got beaten to death -- and if by some miracle, got a reprieve, they would just march back willingly back on the ropes rather than admit they were ever wrong in any way.

It's the reason we need an alternative. F.R.E.E.D. was created knowing about stages and rings as well as the radical centre. Journalism was always groping in the dark or getting blinded by the light.

One of the most important Truths we must know is that we are all fallible. We can be wrong and someone we dislike can be right. Our opinions of other people do not turn wrongs into rights or vice versa.

Once we understand those Truths, we can adjust our attitudes, and begin to find new paths that we create on our own, working on not just arriving, but on how we plan to deliver once we get there...