F.R.E.E.D. builds with facts.

Journalism could have been saved. I have said this repeatedly over the years, and I was not happy that it ignored good and kind-hearted advice to destroy itself.

But what is done is done.

It lost its way. It reminds me of Netherlands' football team's downfall: they held on to the past and never progressed.

Sometimes a profession becomes a living being of its own, and journalism was it.

It used to be a thing.

A very alert thing that had ideas and was on the ball.


Sometimes I go back and listen to old radio broadcasts, watch old newscasts, and read old newspaper and magazine articles, and it sends chills down my spine how journalism could be a good thing, even when it was in a less savvy world.

I immerse myself just to make sure it wasn't a mirage or me remembering it with rose-coloured glasses.

It wasn't.

I was a news-savvy kid. I watched In the News with Christopher Glenn and also 60 Minutes. I read newspapers from all over the world.

Those days are gone. It is hard to believe that one profession can fall so low that they no longer remember what they used to do.

They used to care about the world.

And they used to chronicle it with care.


But over time, something happened to the mindset of those chroniclers.


It became a rote routine. They forgot about exploring within the profession, and not just the world they were covering.

And you can never forget about the world within you.

They forgot about Christopher Glenn. And Nellie Bly.

They forgot about all those journalists who got hurt doing their jobs.

They forgot about how journalists had to sneak out facts from censors and dangerous regimes during times of war.

They forgot and then they dismantled a perfectly good profession.

F.R.E.E.D. builds with facts.

It builds worlds. It builds the knowledge base for people.

It builds its own profession so that it doesn't collapse the way its predecessor did.

Because when you cover the world outside of us, you must also build the one inside of us as well, or everything comes crashing down for no good reason at all...