Bothering by the book: It's what helped killed journalism, but they still use that logic.

Journalism has a nasty strain of nerdism. They are frustrated bureaucrats who are like Les Nessman, sternly babbling about not seeing an invisible office where a cubicle is as if everyone else she indulge in that sort of lunacy.

They are binary. If you do not agree with the politics, then you must by default be on the opposite side.

No, I am a Radical Centrist. I am not going to follow your stupid rules that killed your profession. I look at reality. I look at facts. I look at the bottom line. Left and Right is not the full picture, thank you very much.

I was listening to the Square Panel Discussion on Moore in the Morning on News Talk 1010 this morning, and while they may call it round, the only ones spewing this morning were square.

Yesterday, you had a Prime Minister talk down to a premier out in public, and the various biased Lefty shills were all applauding his Majesty's behaviour like good little mindless minions.

And, of course, there was no one to challenge them.

I am a first generation Canadian, as in, raised by immigrants, and I find the federal regime's behaviour very destructive to the global equation. You have tens of millions of people seeking asylum in a handful of countries -- that doesn't just destroy the host countries who are in no position to accommodate this many people who have no resources -- many who are very ill, have no skills, and no means to support themselves as they bring various baggage with them -- but also to the countries they leave behind.

You have places such as Puerto Rico that are struggling to rebuild after a disaster because too many younger people just upped and went.

I would make it mandatory for every person who advocates bringing in illegal immigrants to take in one family -- and not one of their own choosing -- into their own homes and support them. Put your money where your mouth is (and for the record, when Civil War broke out in the former Yugoslavia, my mother did precisely that with granddad's home, taking in three families who fled from Bosnia).

But the panel on the radio show who have no idea about the reality or consequences, just spewed how great it was to be patronizing in public and that there are rules and obligations, so Canada has to follow it.

This is a real-life use of a trope known as Bothering by the Book.

You have Leftist regimes who made up rules and now everyone has to follow them forever.

No, they don't.

Once upon a time, you had politicians say it was against the law for women to vote; so do not cross that line in the sand.

You cannot use it as an excuse to hold people to rules created in the past that cannot account for the realities of the future. It is not divine decree.

Rules are meant to be tested, turned, and broken, even when it is not convenient to do so, and especially if there is a bad policy.

And this is as bad of a policy as you can get.

There is no questioning of whether it is better to turn people away, and then do something for their country of origin to ensure whatever the Big Problem happens to be, it is dealt with so people can stay. You tear familial fabric apart, and the ramifications of displacing a generation of people can be devastating.

It is not a moral thing to do. It is a highly immoral one.

But it is not surprising that the dead profession of journalism is advocating this lunacy.

They are still bothering by the book in their own profession and in their academic halls.

You cannot create change or bring in radical and innovative ideas to reflect changing times because there are rules, traditions, protocols, and other shackles a previous regime installed to rig a board to their own favour.

They played that game until they self-destructed.

Well-played, children.

Now you are trying to bring that toxic thinking to destroy countries.

Are you all out of your minds?

You cannot have TORTEE. You cannot have binary thought become your blinders to reality.

You cannot have over eighty million people around the world just up and go into a smaller space. That would be like two Canadas roaming around like nomads.

What would happen to Canada if half the country just picked up and wandered to another country, say Cuba, to seek asylum? How well would our economy turn out? How would Cuba handle it?

We never think to reverse equations or look at other places and times. No, sorry, we have obligations to a corrupt Establishment regime like the UN, so that's that, how dare you question or challenge it?

How dare you not?

You have homeless people sleeping out in the streets. Your shelters are overflowing.

Not just in Toronto, but in small towns.

And you think you can handle this influx without asking hard questions -- or thinking up solutions that would better serve the reason why people are fleeing?

Nice try.

But it helps when you deal with reality without a chip on your shoulder, something the current federal regime here seems incapable of doing...