Dear Toronto Star Editorial Board: Don't talk to us about anything wearing those blinders of yours.

The Toronto Star gets perpetually snitty whenever someone says something that goes against their narrative. Their latest temper tantrum is a silly rant about White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders's comments that Canada has "taken advantage" US's "niceness."

That isn't entirely false, particularly when it comes to US media. Our television networks have been airing US shows for decades, and their journalism products have been scraping US media, too. Americans have been our employers for a long time.

Even our entertainers, from actors to singers to authors, made serious breakthroughs because the US market accommodated us, embracing us even though we are more liberal foreigners.

They don't do it all for free, but they could have been a lot worse to this country, too. They could have made all sorts of frightening demands. Considering how lop-sided the dynamic has always been, Americans could have made it a living hell for us. Countries who are close to Russia, did not have the same freedoms and we are far less diligent and hard-working than the US, and we have still reaped a lot from that relationship. We are geographic captives. We have no place to go, and their size compared to ours should be a big hint that we have often taken Americans for granted, tweaking their noses whenever we get a chance.

So now there is an American president who doesn't cut slack. We are not owed that slack. We are a nation whose very survival hinges on the goodwill of our more powerful neighbours.

The Toronto Star should think very carefully before babbling something as ignorant and arrogant as their op-ed piece.

Sanders isn't wrong. Americans do not actually need Canada. They owe this country absolutely nothing. They can shut us out and not even feel it.

On the other hand, if the US were to slap us with sanctions or merely stop trading with us, and we become a Third World Nation in short order. We'd immediately have to deal with a surge of unemployed people, and our tax base would shrink, and considering how much we sink in social services, it would be a domino effect, and our comfy lifestyles would go right out the window.

The Star has always had some bloated swaggering ideas that do not align with reality. The sense of entitlement is obvious with their demands the federal government pay their bills or else democracy will end.

And now they are getting lippy with a country who has the fate of this country in their hands.

Canadians needed a press not throw fits. They needed a press to find facts without snarky and uppity commentary.

These are very volatile times for Canada, and we have a Prime Minister with a chip on his shoulder, arrogantly talking down to Ontario's new premier in publicfluffing off sexual harassment allegations even as he exploited feminism to suit his own political ends, among other things (voguing on the taxpayers's dime and having lavish conflict of interest vacations and then fluffing it off as if the rules do not apply to him).

This is a federal regime that spites its own provinces when they want to forge their own way. The vindictiveness is very open, and very authoritative.

Canadians need information, not haughty swipes. The Star honestly confuses its uppity ignorance for data. 

When Americans were in a good mood and there was no Internet to weak their clout, they could get away with not knowing the difference, and worse, getting it wrong.

These aren't those days anymore, and they still making the same toxic mistakes, refusing to learn anything in the bargain...