How journalism's binary thinking turned them into partisan mouthpieces

Once upon a time, nuances meant something. When you have time to reflect, you get to see issues as they are in reality.

But journalism had an odd habit of being binary. Good, bad. They either fawn advertorial-style, or take a hatchet and use the pen as an axe.

Doting or rage. Eros or Thanatos.

That's not information. No wonder job losses in the profession are steep.

The New York Times has a rambling kissy advertorial-esque article on Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop, which is a classical example of bad reporting. It is of the same ilk as the countless articles they have done in the past of various Titans of Industry...who later turned out to be frauds. 

But the logic of the article defies maturity. You have critics calling it snake oil...but hey, she still makes money.

If people pointing out how wellness products are bunk for decades didn't stymie demand for it until now, it is safe to say they won't turn on Paltrow for it, either.

She comes from wealth and pedigree, and offering solutions to the little people is going to net her profits. Jane Fonda created the niche; there is a precedence and far less risk. She has an Oscar. She married a popular musician. She gets to wear designer clothes on the red carpet for free. People fantasize about it, and for a few hundred dollars, they get to have a piece of it.

It is a niche, nothing more. People who indulge in fantasies like that also believe "Real Housewives" and Kardashians aren't staged, either. It is a fantasy factory, and it delivers that fantasy, and any mention of reality is resented.

There is nothing much more to say about it, but the Times' article is short on facts, but heavy on filler and colour. There is no there there. There are no hard questions. There is no context. There is spin. There is the same deference in this piece as there was in the Times' infamous 1976 article introducing America to that winner Donald Trump, except back then, people knew when to shut up. It is typical Limousine Liberal logic.

If they are not drooling, they are trying to utterly annihilate others. Paltrow should be concerned because the Donald Trump was once the recipient of that dotage, too...but now we have CNN and other childish outlets with a piece that daddy Bob Woodward is writing about Trump...all hinting that the end is nigh.

Having to crawl to someone who did the last hard-hitting long arc piece in US journalism is beyond pathetic. It is an admission of defeat. It's like having an fifty-year-old having to call the nursing home so grandpa can get them out of a jam because daddy is as incompetent as junior.

What we have are two extremes: love or hate.

What we no longer have are logic supported by facts.

The worst of it is that the same subjects of media attention face both kinds attention: the adoration and deification, and then the loathing and demonization. Hero or villain, and nothing in-between.

Reality rarely reflects the binary, and what we need are maps in reality -- not fantasy...