How egotistical is the Washington Post? They honestly think the Capital Gazette-Capital killer was an attack on journalism.

America has a serious violence problem.

The End.

The world has a serious violence problem.


There was a killer went and gunned down some people at a newspaper as if he had the right, just as a driver mowed down some people in Toronto -- a city that in a span of a few days, has had eleven people killed by gun.

Families get gunned down. Every day. Office workers get gunned down. Students get gunned down. A lot.

Estranged wives get gunned down. Neighbours, too. Parents, children, all get gunned down.

Gang member gets gunned down. Criminals gets gunned down.

Innocent people get gunned down. Elderly, children, teens all get gunned down.

Men get gunned down. So do women. Of all races. Of all nationalities. Of all sexual orientations.

That is everyday reality in many neighbourhoods during peacetime.

Journalists do not seem to be in tuned with the level of violence on this planet. They turn everything into some sort of convenient narrativebut never think in terms of hard reality.

They do not actually understand what murder is.

It is not a fodder to bring up ratings or circulation.

It is not about puking out endless murder shows of wives getting offed by their philandering husbands.

It is not a cause célèbre.

It is not some hypothetical construct.

It is not gossip.

It is a tragic never-ending nightmare that doesn't stop with laws, prisons, police, courts, therapy, or gun control.

Yet the Washington Post goes into full manipulation overdrive with this propagandistic drivel, with some self-serving idea that the killing of journalists in Annapolis was some sort of attack on women -- and "newspapers." Nice try.

No, you have a violence problem, and now it hits your demographic.

You are not special. At all. It is not worse because it was reporters. You are not some noble martyrs -- you have been not just exploiting murder to sell a product for decades -- you always liked to play up when some pretty white woman got slaughtered by her psycho cheating man.

And I am not even going to discuss the number of wars the press had demanded over the decades.

You call for bombing of people. Let us not pretend that other people's deaths aren't as important as yours. My grandmother's entire family -- including her baby sister who wasn't even a teenager -- died in concentration camps. This whole violence thing has been happening with global apathy for a long, long time.

But when you are the ones who face that same violence, you howl and try to milk it for everything that it's worth.

Violence strikes the wealthy as well as the poor. Sooner or later, every group becomes part of that statistic.

It was not some political statement about misogyny or about journalism. It was a ticking time bomb who finally exploded, despite prior and numerous warnings about a violent man who should not have been running loose on the streets.

Because no one wanted to actually do anything. People want to shrug things off, and just pretend there isn't a violence problem. They want that group called They do make those kinds of people go away.

And this time it hit a newspaper. It hit schools, churches, hospitals, and homes.

It hits everyone because you have a real serious problem dealing with violent people.

You either deal with a problem when you are stronger than it -- or that problem deals with you when it becomes stronger than you.

There is no politically correct narrative that aligns with reality with some message or binary solution.

So let's stop the narcissism and begin with reality for once before another group gets slaughtered just because someone wants to do it...