Social media is having a very, very bad week...

I am not surprised, and expressed my prediction way back in the New Year.

Facebook got pummelled, so too did Troll Scroll.

Meddlesome governments are smelling weakness and trying to control the beasts, and old school media are kicking dirt in Facebook's direction.

Big Tech has the same swaggering arrogance traditional media titans had, and when someone has been having it too easy for too long, they do believe they are invincible, and don't think that what can make you can also break you applies to them.

There are corporations and governments salivating to control social media and are using war propaganda to scare the populace by creating monsters as a misdirection so that they can do to citizens what they accuse others of doing. It is the oldest trick in the books.

The problem is the vultures circling around waited a little too long. Social media made people too feral. Nothing is actually predictable at this point, and when people's dreams of of not getting everything they thought they were promised as all of their illusions get shattered, it will be a far rougher ride ahead for the meddlers than they think they are in for...and I don't envy them one bit...