In an Age of Propaganda, it is a game of control. Even illusionary control.

Toronto and Hamilton want to ban gun sales in their cities, as if that would do a thing.

The problem isn't guns. It is a problem of violent people who want to control other people, and become uncontrollable themselves.

Propaganda is meant to control a narrative, and when you have this unwieldy medium called the Internet, controlling people gets harder and harder.

People use narratives to spin information, but then there comes another leak from some other corner, and you do not need everyone to see it.

Just enough.

You spend your entire career cultivating your image to control your rise, and just six people can come forward, and take away that control.

Not everyone will believe those handful of people.

Just enough.

Just by a whisker, and you can clear an impossible path.


Iron-fisted rules are getting harder to use.

You may have millions of screaming puritanical tyrants who try to control as many people as they can through manipulation, shaming, demonization, propaganda, and bullying, but all it takes is one, and the gambit fails.


The Infinite may all march to One, but all you need is One to unleash the Infinite.

And marching to One is no match to unleashing the Infinite.

When everyone thinks alike, no one thinks at all.

Why journalism collapsed is simple, they cannot do basic equations. They march, when it is dance.


And when they dance, they dance around things, never marching right into the eye of the storm because they are too scared to see what the problem is.

They think a magic want will make all the boo boos go away.

The game of control is a game of illusions. The more you want to control someone's thoughts and behaviours, the less control of yourself you have.

It's why people murder other people. When you are obsessed with controlling other people , you have less focus on controlling yourself.

And then you take a gun, slaughter people, and once they are dead, you have no control over them still. Those people, should they survive, will have no respect for you. They won't believe you, like you, love you, or be under your control.

Meaning that gun did not control anyone because you could not even control yourself.

And instead of seeing the lesson, you have other people who believe that using a losing strategy of trying to control other people will magically work for them, passing laws that don't work, trying to push a narrative that no one actually believes, nothing.

For people who pretend to be informed and egalitarian, trying to control other people with propaganda is mighty rich.

Because it doesn't work.

There is no peace from tyranny. There is no wisdom from propaganda. When we learn to stop using propaganda and learn to focus on our own control, that's when tides turn and things begin to change for the better...