When Journalism was a Thing is out today

Published by Zero Books and it is a follow-up of sorts to my first book Don't Believe It!: How lies become news, and hits much harder than my second book OutFoxed: Rupert Murdoch's war on journalism.

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It is not your typical media criticism book. It is not about justifying or excusing bad behaviour or denying the industry collapsed.

It is not about blaming other people for the mistakes the industry made, and it is not about whitewashing or spinning the things people in that business did that sunk their fortunes.

I poured over articles, transcripts, white papers, legislation, books, reports, interviews, and just about anything else I could -- from journal articles, ephemera, and even intelligence publications to get a clear and accurate picture. 

I went through research from decades ago to the present from multiple countries in multiple languages.

This book was very labour intensive.

There will be many people who will not like the facts and evidence presented in it because it challenges their narratives.

There will be students in j-schools who will not like to know that their chosen profession is dead, and that there is no They who paved the path for them so they can waddle down someone else's labour and put no genuine effort of their own in it because the scripts they were given are outdated and inadequate.

There will be many journalism educators who are not going to like being called on the carpet for being responsible for that industry's destruction.

There will be many journalists, editors, publishers, producers, and media owners who are going to throw epic fits and pin my face on a dartboard because I am not stroking their egos and believing they are heroes or noble knights.


It's about time.

And now, it is time to build a new method from scratch.