News Talk 1010's Inability to face reality continues.

No one can spin evil like a Canadian media outlet. It has become their specialty.

The Soviets during the Cold War era had this sort of positive propaganda: they had serial killers running amok, the mob terrorizing people, children vanishing, poverty, government corruption, but you would never hear it on the news, comrades.

Everything was just peachy keen, and over time, people started to laugh whenever the news played because when your kid has been swallowed up in the night and you can't feed your family as you are sitting in the dark without electricity, sooner or later, reality grabs your by the throat and squeezes as it stares you in the face and spits at you for ignoring it to the point you turned it into a monster when you could have prevented its illness by facing it when there was still a chance.

Canada is taking pages from that playbook, and it has gotten out of control.

I suppose as journalism collapsed, those industry-destroying knuckleheads are all auditioning to work in public relations and want to show the various firms out there how good they are at spinning rot.

Toronto has so much rot that it needs an independent government or global agency to start overseeing it as it audits it. You had a serial killer burying body parts in people's yards. He might as well just dumped them out in the open and it would have taken the same amount of time to catch him. You had a young man drive a van into a group of people for no reason. You had another man (who journalists are bending over backwards to justify his murderous actions, with no proof, that the killing spree was some sort of mental illness whoopsie, no biggie, kids!) walk down the street shooting people. Nearby Mississauga had a bombing. We had two innocent little girls shot in a playground.

On July 1, four people were injured in a shooting

Right after another shooting where a rapper was murdered.

Because there was that whole first week this July where 11 people got shot in four days.

Have we forgotten about Tess Richey? I haven't. It happened less than a year ago.

We can look at statistics, assuming, of course, they are accurate and inclusive, but violence doesn't always come with a gun.

In Toronto, it comes in a van, bombs, knives, and all sorts of other weapons, too.

These killing sprees are happening with increasing frequency, but Toronto media, wanting to pretend that living in Toronto is sophisticated and stuff, are always looking for "positive news."

You can have every blessing in the world, but one bad thing nullifies all the good stuff. 

If a ten-year-old girl gets killed out on the street or two girls on a playground get shot in broad daylight, you have a sick city.

It is not as if the Toronto media does not understand the concept of bad. They are always comparing themselves to cities where there are a lot of shootings, such as Chicago, and then crow that they are "safer".

You know, kids, I was in Chicago with my mom last year.

We walked out in the streets well past midnight all by ourselves downtown.

We were not shot or robbed or hassled in any way.

For whatever reason, people thought we were plainclothes police officers and kept referring to us as "Cagney and Lacey."


I called dibs on Cagney.

I have also slept in my car and gotten dressed as I was naked in New York City parked on Broadway, driven at 3 o'clock in the morning in Detroit and Baltimore, went to concerts in Orlando and Miami at midnight, got caught in the middle of a police chase with a shooter in Washington, DC, walked in malls in Buffalo where people had their guns where you could see them, and seen signs like this one at my swanky hotel in Chicago.


Those were not safe places. They have serious problems.

Just because nothing happened to me doesn't mean a thing. There is something called empathy.

It reminds me of a line from a parody song by the Royal Canadian Air Farce from years ago:

The Cossacks, they come to loot and to pillage,

To me, it's okay; it wasn't my village.

That's Toronto journalism, except, the looting and pillaging is happening in their village, maybe just not on their street.

For now, at least. 

That kind of pathological logic was on as usual on the "Round Table" this morning on News Talk 1010.

The obnoxious spinning of murder into something that is not a big deal is beyond propaganda: it is enabling violence. If you have had numerous violent attacks in a city where there is strict gun control laws in one year, and your hypothesis is the city is "safe", then you have no pulse on reality. None. You have no empathy. You ask no questions. You do not wonder whether it may be safe for you and your demographic, but it may be unsafe for other fellow citizens.

You are apologists for murder, sweeping bullet casings under the rug, and then tell the little people that Toronto is a safe and glorious city.

No, it isn't. How many rapes do you have? How many convictions? How many street shootings are going on? How many stabbings? Toronto has reached crisis level violence, but continues to behave as if theirs was a civilized city.

If the shooting of over a dozen people doesn't spark you to see that there is a problem, then nothing will. You expect people to settle for garbage and then crow about living in trash. Instead of focussing on how to solve the problem, you are saying there is no problem because you have A Taste of the Danforth which will obviously outweighs murdering teenagers and little girls on that street because, hey, they're just females. 

They probably asked for it.

After all, that little man-agandist Christie Blatchford was on the panel, spewing something else so vile that it defies all common sense.

At the 11 minute mark on the audio link I provided, there is a discussion about the Highway of Tears and the plight of First Nations girls and women. At the 11:37 mark, Blatchford basically blames those girls for getting slaughtered because these destitute women with no guidance, options, supports, education, or life experience are forced to take risks by getting into trucks with strangers.

There were signs on the highway warning them not to go...she babbled, assuming, of course, those girls could read. Or were without mental health issues.

Or had other options. Those girls entire lives are traumatic and under siege. Many of these young women were taken out of their homes as kids by social services, sexually abused, exposed to violence and drugs, and are treated like disposable trash, being kicked from one foster home to another. (As an aside, when I moved and changed phone numbers about fifteen years ago, my new number was the old number for some placement agency or service used by CAS. I kept getting faxes at 2 o'clock in the morning with lists of children needing emergency shelter and placement, most from Northern Ontario. Those lists still haunt me).

I have had interactions with dispossessed young women in Canada in all sorts of capacities, from doing art therapy with those in halfway houses to volunteering and socially. It is easy to be rational when you have some stability during your formative years and are not tossed out in the middle of the night or you come home and your family up and leaves you with no forwarding address.

Women's shelters are always full. Prisons, too. Hospital emergency rooms have many of these women who do not know which way is up.

You don't kill these women. You don't rape them, either. There is no excuse or loophole.

You know, Ms Blatchford, your absolute inability to comprehend the realities of other women is horrific. You were on the same panel who made excuses for a murderer of two young women because he was supposedly "mentally ill." Mentally ill people do not kill. Evil people kill.

I mean, if the press has compassion for a murderer who is supposedly sick, why do we assume these young women don't have the same problem?

I did not hear you knock down a killer or make him responsible for having the presence of mind to take a gun, walk over to a crowded area, and aim and shoot with absolute coolness people he did not know, but boy-o, do you love to blame every woman who was victimized in any way, shape or form.  

Journalism is dead for a reason. Because of logic like that. It makes excuses, misrepresents reality, blames victims, excuses predators, and has some sort of psychopathic desire to pretend problems don't exist, and if they do, let's blame the victims for it.

At what point will Toronto news media realize that hiding bad things doesn't make them go away?

Probably never. They destroyed their own profession, and now want to take down everyone else in their wake.