Toronto gun violence runs amok. Another mass shooting. Another body count. Another call for "They" to do stuff. Another factually devoid press conference.

It happened last night. A kid is dead. And a teenager.

For all the talk about how "safe" and "good" Toronto is, you already had the van attack this year along with all those shootings. 

You still have journalists trying to be a positive spin on this tragedy. At least the body count wasn't higher!

Stop the denials once already.

And stop looking for They do so something. There is no They. It will not get better unless you have a city that acknowledges there is only Us.

But the worst are journalists bothering to cover the various police press conferences. The police are turning these dog and pony shows into a complete farce. No, they can't tell people about the name of the shooter, or very much about anything else. 

If that is the case, journalists should have walked. Get away from those canned events that do not even bother doling out any information. It has become a farce.

In a city that has become a very unsafe place where children cannot even go out to dinner, nor can their journalists see the situation for what it is or get through to their heads that there is no They who is going to feed information to them anymore. It has been a day of a Press Conference Crawl with reporters running form empty canned event to another whether speakers from the police to the hospital take the time to congratulate, but say almost nothing else...